iOS 5, iCloud out of the box experience (gallery)

iOS 5, iCloud out of the box experience (gallery)

Summary: Gallery: Take a browse through the finished iOS 5 operating system, and get a first hand view of how iCloud works on the iPhone and the web.


Though many will be disappointed by the lack of iPhone 5 news, a new and souped-up iPhone 4S was announced yesterday -- if you hadn't noticed.

There were three things on the cards at yesterday's launch: iOS 5, the next-generation operating system, iCloud, Apple's answer to cloud computing and device synchronisation, and of course the iPhone 4S, which updates hardware ready for the software and services mix.

But many will have to wait a few more days, if not weeks for the latest goods to be delivered to them.

iOS 5 will be out next week for iPhone and iPod touch devices. While iCloud is already available, it will take until the wider release of iOS 5 to become useful, as many of the features are integrated into the new mobile operating system.

If you cannot wait until then to see what is on offer, find here two handy gallery guides -- one which runs through the iOS 5 features and the 'out of the box' experience -- and the other looking at iCloud for the web.

Gallery: iOS 5 hands on: How iCloud works with the iPhone

iOS is the most powerful Apple mobile operating system to date, with over 200 features and improvements. It also boasts native iCloud integration, offering synchronisation between devices, including Macs and PCs with iTunes. View this gallery.

Gallery: iCloud hands on: Bringing your iPhone to the web

iCloud is not just a feature of iOS 5, however. It also includes a web-based version of its synchronised applications, from Mail to Calendar, as well as iWork -- letting you create documents on your iPhone, and seamlessly edit from your browser. View this gallery.

While developers will already have access to the final "gold" version of Apple's iOS 5, end users and consumers will be able to download it on October 12th. The next-generation iPhone 4S is available for pre-order October 7th, and will be shipped later on this month.


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  • RE: iOS 5, iCloud out of the box experience (gallery)

    Am I missing something...isn't this what Google has been delivering with Android Ginerbread?
  • yaaaawn...

    WP7 already has this. My contacts/calendar/facebook and pictures/documents via Skydrive are synced in the cloud. My Live account can be accessed via the web with all that information right there. And it all syncs with my Phone. Microsoft has been in the cloud game for a while now, Apple is the one late to the game on this one.

    Ohh, and my facebook calendar events show up on my calendar which is really nice when making plans with friends vs work calendar.
    • RE: iOS 5, iCloud out of the box experience (gallery)

      Its bout the ecosystem...APPS + Cloud. WP7 Apps are are sadly lacking. Android's fragmentation is a real anchor for Android's ecosystem (look at the Kindle Fire as an example of things to come)..
      • RE: iOS 5, iCloud out of the box experience (gallery)


        WP7 Apps are growing at a faster rate than iPhone or Android apps did when they were released. Microsofts eco-system while not completely polished is well on its way to be very competitive. Don't forget they have native Office and Xbox as a part of that eco-system. Both of which are very powerful for consumers and are getting even better. MS is realising an Xbox control App this fall for WP7.

        Apps are nice, but they aren't the ONLY thing important on a smartphone, I know iPhone users think otherwise because thats all they have on their phones, but for WP7 the phone itself offers soooo much more.
    • RE: iOS 5, iCloud out of the box experience (gallery)

      On another note...Apple operandi is not to be first though quit often they are. It is to be the best...that means sometimes they are first...sometimes hey are not but at the end of the day they want to be the best. Is iCloud beter than he others....probably just the same....ut then again they have the best App store and most refined handset so they just want to bring it all together.
  • Yawn.....

    Sorry Zack... so yesterdays news.....
    We are still mentally overwhelmed.. 'er underwhelmed into blues with the complete lacka on the Apple eventless event....
    • RE: iOS 5, iCloud out of the box experience (gallery)

      No doubt people were expecting more....but Apple have always operated in this way....If we cannot produce a stable product then we will not release it. Look at all the LT Android handsts with porr battery life. Who wants a phone that only lasts for 4 hours or is bulky beuse of the size of the battery. Apple will wit for LTE to improve to the point it is usable.
      • RE: iOS 5, iCloud out of the box experience (gallery)

        @global.philosopher <br><br>I have no problem with Apple waiting for LTE to improve before releasing a new iPhone.<br><br>What I do have a problem with is, Apple releasing a product without LTE capabilities while its rivals have. IMHO, Apple is either:<br><br>1. doing a bad job in communicating why it is not adding LTE<br>2. Thinks iPhone 4S can get away with brand recognition and product design despite being leapfrogged by its rivals<br><br>Hey, consumers are not dumb. When we buy phones, we want a certain level of belief the network it uses is not going to be obsolete towards the later half of our contract.

        If I were Apple I would bypass 4S all together. Why release a product and in the process giving its competition the opportunity classify the iPhone as behind the times?