Microsoft give students the finger, once again

Microsoft give students the finger, once again

Summary: Today, Zack writes a short letter to Microsoft, asking why they keep screwing with his head and changing their plans all the time.


Dear Microsoft,

It's like you're toying with me; loving you one day, hating you the next, all in one big consipiracy to make me look like a double-backing idiot. Well this time, Microsoft, you have really pissed me off. I can't seem to write anything about you any more without you changing you plans entirely afterwards, and having to tell my disappointed readers they can't have or do something any more.

God only knows how Mary-Jo copes with the constant disappointing crap you throw at us, like that ex-Russian space monkey at the zoo that throws faeces at everyone who walks by and mentions the Moon.

Sort yourselves out, for crying out loud.

Zack xx

OneCare says goodbyeI wrote about Microsoft Equipt some months ago, and now that people are starting to buy it, they're pulling it from the ranks. They're pulling the product from all shelves, online and offline, but on the plus side, they're allowing subscribers to get a pro-rata subscription refund and they're letting you keep the Office Home & Student edition for free, forever.

OneCare hasn't even close to being dubbed a viable, working anti-virus by many people, competitors and security analysts alike. But nevertheless, this was the first all-round product of which was aimed almost directly at students.

Let's face it though, part of me thinks, "no wonder it's dead", because there are so many parts of Equipt which weren't even paid for. Office Live Workspaces is a free product, the Windows Live suite of tools are completely free, the automatic updates are provided anyway, and for most students, universities offer free anti-virus products so your ram-packed laptop full of porn and malware won't affect the university network. Not only that, with offers like The Ultimate Steal, you can get Office 2007 Ultimate for around about the same price anyway. So what's the point in having Equipt?

Still, another point to Microsoft in the long struggle us mere mortals have with a global superpower. Thoughts anyone?

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  • Here`s my take

    I have a theory that explains why MS did that.

    1. Windows Vista and the currently circulating build of Windows 7 have Windows Defender as a bundled application. It is a pure antispyware product. If you look at the current client security applications, there are actually only two products which exactly complement Windows Defender, without overlapping any of its detection capabilities. The products are Avira Antivir Personal Edition(Free Version) and McAfee VirusScan Enterprise Edition(without antispyware plug-in). As is evident from the following screenshot: . Now all other antivirus solutions namely avast, AVG, Norton, McAfee, NOD32, Norman, TrendMicro and even Live OneCare have antispyware capabilities built in. See . Many of them(including Live OneCare) even disable Windows Defender upon installation to avoid potential conflicts. Hence it does not make any sense in the first place to give users a free security tool that does half the job and interferes with the solution that the user tries to complement it with. So my take is that MS will eventually strip out Windows Defender from Windows 7. This approach is exactly in line with the work being done with stripping out Windows Mail, Movie Maker etc and replacing them with downloadable, unbundled "Live" applications, which is how Microsoft is pitching Morro too. It is a complete anti-malware application as opposed to Windows Defender.

    2. Now why MS pulled the plugs on Live OneCare instead of simply making it freely downloadable along with other "Live" applications - the reason is again the same - to remove overlapping functionality. Lets look into it in detail - Live OneCare includes a firewall, antispyware component, defragmenter, backup tool, clean up tool which Vista and supposedly windows 7 already have; although some of the Live OneCare zealots may say that the versions of these tools in Live OneCare add more functionality than the versions in Windows Vista, but seriously do you expect these better versions not to natively find a place in Windows 7 when it gets released? I think and hope Windows 7 will surely improve further upon these tools, thereby nullifying the need for the current Live OneCare product.
    • That sounds intelligent.

      You're hired!

      As for Zack...
  • Can someone please give Zac the finger?

    So let me get this straight Zac, Microsoft is changing their security product (OneCare) to a free downloadable version and you are complaining?
  • The Microsoft monoply

    Bill's staff of illegals runs against the grain.Having a little fun holding everybody back.
  • Have you noticed lately?

    Zack, have you noticed as several desktop Linux brands have fallen by the wayside unable to make any money, and that with all the free stuff available there seems to no longer be a reason to pay for software? Heck the Sun version of OpenOffice 3.0 is pretty damn effective if you are doing classwork or trying to make presentations in PDF. So why buy anything from Microsoft at all?

    When Microsoft tried to warn millions of Chinese bootleg Windows and Office users that it was wrong to not pay for software, there might have been an armed revolution in China over the gall of Microsoft to try to collect on stolen software.

    If you have read my blogs, you know I am no softie and I certainly don't normally give the company the time of day, them being the evil empire and all, but I have also come to understand that in this world, if a company or person is not paid for a service, the service will stop. Period.

    Just analyze the products you mention, figuring out how much money is made vs how much money is spent and you should understand what is going on.
    • Where might one obtain this free?

      [i]the [b]Sun version of OpenOffice 3.0[/b] is pretty damn effective[/i]

      The only version I see available via Google Update is StarOffice 8, not the current. Perhaps your info is partially incorrect? I cannot be certain.
      Raymond Danner
      • Why the "Sun version"?

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        Ole Man
  • RE: Microsoft give students the finger, once again

    A co-worker lost his finger here at work in an accident. He's no student but I'm sure he'd sign up to be one if he could get a free finger.
  • RE: Microsoft give students the finger, once again

    YAY! He put my alma mater (well...the school that will be my alma mater in 2 1/2 years...) up here (GO NCSU! lol!) They're really serious about that antivirus as well - that's why many comp. sci. majors out here (and those who just know how) try to use Ubuntu on their laptops. Fast, pretty, and since everyone else is using it, decent support (I've got most of my friends lovin' it right now...) Microsoft dropped the ball yet again on this one though...maybe Win7'll be a revival like the Wii was/is for Nintendo...
  • Haven't you worked it out yet ?

    That MS does not care about you or its partners (except maybe Intel). Its in business for itself. With MS you have no choices as you don't own anything they sell you, you rent/lease/licence it. Why not get a properly designed OS that does not need Anti-this and Anti-that?
  • You know that Microsoft cares enough.......

    To finger you the very best.... (way they know how)

    The original method to demonstrate reverence for Microsoft was to face Redmond and bow down on bended knees.....

    The revised method is to face away from Redmond and bend over......

    Heil Microsoft!
    Ole Man
  • RE: Microsoft give students the finger, once again

    Not just students. I liked One Care (then again, I think Vista is great too) and I've used them all. One Care did everything without shutting down (hogging all the resources)my computer, of course I'm using a dual core processor now. I didn't even leave 360 on my copmputer for a week, and one of McAfee's major upgrades didn't last 24 hours. It's not just the anti ware, but the backup and everything in one package that actually worked.
  • It's a Netbook Issue

    Live OneCare is often criticized not only because it does a poor job at protecting against malware, but also because it uses too many system resources, runs slowly, and costs too much. Microsoft is in the process of trying to convince people that the upcoming version of Vista, Win 7, will actually be able to run on netbook computers. It comes close, but it doesn't quite fit, and it certainly doesn't fit in combination with OneCare and an office suite.

    "Morro" uses the same malware protection engine as OneCare, but it is said to be smaller and faster. Microsoft has announced that Morro is targeted at "smaller PC form factors" and "emerging markets," which sounds like the netbooks. "Morro" needs to be free, because Vista/Win 7's competition for the netbooks, Linux, is itself free and does not require any additional anti-malware software.

    Sales of Live OneCare will end June 30, 2009. "Morro" is slated for release during the "second half of 2009" - EXACTLY the same time the Win 7 is expected.
  • RE: Microsoft give students the finger, once again

    Why can't they just buy up an antivirus company like they did for anything else they needed?