Obama sets technology agenda; a high student focus

Obama sets technology agenda; a high student focus

Summary: "Welcome, and thank you for choosing Barack Obama as your new president. Please take a minute to familiarise yourself with your new president, as this one is a newer, smarter and better looking president than previous versions.


20% funnier than a Frog in a Blender"Welcome, and thank you for choosing Barack Obama as your new president. Please take a minute to familiarise yourself with your new president, as this one is a newer, smarter and better looking president than previous versions. Although this is a new president, some features have not been tested yet. However, policy settings can be changed, if you select "Referendum" from the main menu. Again, thank you for your selection, and we hope you enjoy your new president."

That's right America, you made the right choice. I've been keeping ahead of all the latest going's on across the pond, as whilst I can't vote, whatever happened during the elections has a huge impact our lives in this little island in western Europe. I don't know a huge amount about American politics, nor will I pretend I understand your constitution; it's a new concept for me, as we have one - it's just not written down, so our legal and political system can flex a wee bit.

You'll be well aware, that this is the first time the Internet has been widely used in the way it has, to spur on an election campaign. Considering it was partly the Internet that got both Obama and Biden elected, it's nice to see they're giving something back to it.

Next generation broadband is something the US can look forward to. We at the moment use ADSL in the UK; it allows traffic both ways down the same pipe, and we can get speeds of up to around 24mbps depending on how close we are to the telephone exchange. Applying a blanket of broadband all over the US will allow everyone access to everything and anyone. This will also do wonders for wireless users, as we've just found out the white space in the TV spectrum will be opened up to allow broadband to flow through the airwaves.

University research grants will be bigger, greater, and more of them. The president-elect understands the need of intellect (evidentially unlike your current president) and will be the driving force of most research projects - actually getting the funding to go through with it. Your brilliant new president will push this forward so more money goes to more researchers.

Corporate style Obama government will introduce a Chief Technology Officer, much as many corporations have, to ensure the administration will have appropriate websites, policies, technologies in place and services available, so that inter-agency support will be better, and ultimately, the average US citizen will be better too.

More learners will teach under the new administration. Because science and maths are priorities in most societies, they'd like the best science and maths graduates who are professionals in their field, to go back into education by teaching others. Not only that, they'll be reforming the entire science curriculum to ensure that learners are being educated in a fair way, whilst being assessed accordingly.

There's more of course, ranging from better K-12 education to advanced stem-cell research, better scholarship aid for those who want to go to college and university, and "tapping the diversity of America to meet the increasing demand for a skilled workforce."

Oh it will be a good four years for US students...

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  • Lots of speculation with no base

    Could somebody show me a single piece of evidence from Obama's resume that would show that he actually would implement what people claim he would implement??

    What's in Obama's past performance and record that make people believe he actually do all the "mystical things" people expect him to do?

    Did he introduce tech friendly policies in IL or in the US Senate?? If so, post the link. Has he worked in the tech industry??

    What is the basis for all the speculation??
    • Could it be that ...

      <a href="http://www.latimes.com/news/printedition/asection/la-na-onthemedia9-2008nov09,0,800478.story" target="_blank">"Right-wing media feeds its post-election anger"</a><br>
    • It is rather obvious that Obama will bolster innovation and education.

      Obama actually understands what is important for our country.
      • RE: DonnieBoy

        I agree. He's got two daughters, aged 7 and 10. He's hardly going to create a new world where his own kids won't benefit.

        Whether people agree or not, Obama will be a father first, and the president second. For those who don't have kids simply won't understand.

        I like your thinking DonnieBoy :)
        • ? father first ?

          Those who have seen a parent just leave, might find this a false hope.
          Update victim
      • Proof ... show me Proof

        He is going to is not proof that he will.

        I want you to show me what in his professional resume tells you that he will do what people claim he will. Anything in his 10 years in politics give you that clue?? Because, I looked and found NOTHING.
        • The only "proof" you need...

          The only "proof" you need is to put Obama side-by-side with Bush. The difference in intelligence is staggering. Bush didn't even have any interest in addressing these issues at all. Well, other than cut spending in most cases in these same areas.

          How people could have voted for that retard twice in a row still blows my mind. He brought this country to its knees, in large part because of his ineptitude, and in large part to the failed Republican "trickle down economics" experiment (how's that working out?).

          And to think there are still people that believe Bush was a great president. Mind-blowing...
          • Economic information.

            The Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 passed by Democrats while Jimmy carter was President started the policy of making loans to those unable to pay them back. Bill Clinton and his Democrat majority made it even worse and threatened the executives of the financial institutions with jail if they did not increase the sub prime loans.

            The financial failures were forecast by many knowledgeable persons. The Republicans introduced bills in 2003, 2005, and 2007 that could have prevented or lessened the collapse, although 2007 might have already been too late. In each case these bills were defeated by Democrats. The 2007 bill was killed in committee by Sen. Harry Reid, the chairman of the committee.

            And in response to your displayed lack of knowledge of the operation of the government of the United States, it is the Congress who passes the bills that become laws. The president is the executive, not the legislator. When legislators desire a bad law, all they have to do is attach it to a needed bill to get it signed into law. Proposals to correct this law and make congress responsible for each law by adding a "line item veto" or a single subject requirement to all bills have always been defeated in the congress.
            Update victim
    • Obama's legislative resume

      contains legislation that would require the murder of any child that managed to survive a botched abortion. (? hos only YES vote ?)

      There are NO specifics in his campaign history other than that legislation affecting his ward in Chicago was a total failure in making things better. however it is difficult to tie him to this as the only votes seem to be "Present".

      Basis for the speculation must be his promise to bring "hope".
      Update victim
  • CTO rant

    "...nor will I pretend I understand your constitution..."

    Unfortunately this is why the candidate looks good to you.

    I think he's going to incubate technology much more than what has been done in the past, but everything else he supports is somewhat disconcerting.

    However one possibility in creating a federal position for technology is it opens up more possibilities for the government to regulate the internet, and possibly innovation. Of course privacy issues also come to mind.

    Should be interesting to see how it plays out.
    • Incubating technology

      >>I think he's going to incubate technology much more than what has been done in the past

      If this means the government is going to pick winners and losers (and if they control the incubator's pursestrings that's exactly what they will be doing) then it has the potential for disaster.

      All-in-all I agree with your post.
  • Next Generation = ADSL?

    I sure hope you're not trying to say that Obama will try to push ADSL as the "Next Generation"? As you point out, it gets you up to 24Mbps if you can see the exchange.

    What they really need to look at doing is bypassing the copper going into the houses. Most of it is so old and poorly shielded by now, it wreaks havoc on DSL.

    At this point, they should focus on Fiber deployments. Both Verizon (FiOS) and AT&T (Uverse) along with several other companies are making FTTH possible.

    These do multiple streams up and down on a single strand of fiber and can make 24Mbps look like a snail. Today you can get 50Mbps and that's only their arbitrary limit. Getting above that is easy and larger independent of distance.