Open letter to Google: Chrome OS is already redundant

Open letter to Google: Chrome OS is already redundant

Summary: An open letter to Google: why are you so late to the operating system party, and have you already scuppered your chances with your delays, your hardware, and even the original concept?

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Dear Google,

Oh dear. You're a bit late to the party, aren't you? I hope you read my other letter too, because I didn't hear anything back from you. Where I come from, that's considered a bit rude.

The problem is already, before I even get to the meat of this letter, is that the netbook boom is already in full swing. Sure, tablet devices like the iPad aren't that bad, if you really pushed me to say it, and laptops are only popular because they have to be, but the netbook is surprisingly popular; in some cases outselling the high-specification fully fledged computers.

Eric Schmidt said that Chrome OS won't be out now for at least next year, so you won't even hit the Christmas market. You've already missed the Thanksgiving period, and as an Englishman even I know you American's go crazy for tech around that time.

We heard that you are having a little gathering tomorrow, which is likely to lead to nothing but a massive anti-climax; announcing a branded netbook offering Chrome OS, but it is still nowhere near a consumer-friendly product. What gives?

Sure, you could hold off until next Christmas, but considering that the cloud-only operating system you have put your souls into (perhaps quite literally, knowing how 'evil' you all are) is already defunct with a shoddy concept to begin with, what's the point? You can drag a dead, flogged horse to water, but you can't drown it twice - to take the familiar saying and boil it into glue.

To make a point of order, if Chrome OS netbooks will cost between $300 and $450 as suggested a few months ago, I still see no incentive to buy one if, firstly it is limited to running Chrome OS only, and secondly if I can buy an ordinary netbook at a similar price and not more to only go and run the operating system of my choice.

Now, I've tried Chromium OS, which granted is only a developer build and not to be taken necessarily as a representation of the finished product, but you must know at this stage it is quite literally just a browser, and nothing more. But you know that, surely.

Even with a Chrome Web Store including plug-ins and applications which run solely in the browser specifically for Chrome OS, I cannot be persuaded to even consider this still to be a fruitful endeavour on your part. 'Applications' for Chromium as of yet are limited to simply links to services already available, and though Tweetdeck and other software makers are focusing on adding applications to the Chrome Web Store, you are forgetting one, simple thing.

It is not possible to live entirely in the cloud, and for once I am not talking directly about the student demographic. 

Admittedly the web browser is arguably the most prominent application on any operating system or platform. Chrome OS would be ideal if you are simply planning on donning it to quick-and-easy browser-only users. But why would the consumer trade in their chunky laptop or slimline netbook running Windows XP or Ubuntu 10.10 for an operating system which above all else restricts your access?

I think you've drowned in an intense vat of rivalry with other operating system manufacturers like Microsoft, Apple and Canonical, and are desperate to compete in an area you are not only lacking in confidence but also the expertise. Give up and focus on making existing products better, like Google Apps for Education which could really do with a firm boot up the backside.

I'm only saying this because I have love in my heart and I don't want to see bad things happen to good people. Sorry, scrap that - I can't pull off gratuitous niceties; anybody who knows me can vouch for this.

Nonetheless, lots of love,

Zack x

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  • RE: Open letter to Google: Chrome OS is already redundant

    I don't get it either, but I will at least wait to see the actual product before I make a call to abandon the idea. Maybe they know something we don't know.
    Michael Kelly
    • Could it be

      @Michael Kelly
      That the browser is merely a canvas in which your virtual desk top will live?
      Dietrich T. Schmitz, ~ Your Linux Advocate
      • Don't bust DonnieBoy's wet dream

        You guys are too mean. No ChromeOS? Ouch, that'd break his heart.
      • Yea great...

        @Dietrich T. Schmitz, Your Linux Advocate

        A bunch of Citrix Windows boxees running "in the cloud" so I don't have to run them locally.

        I want some of the Whaky weed being served at the Googleplex.
      • Pity on the poor boy....

        @Dietrich T. Schmitz, Your Linux Advocate

        Poor Zack is just a kid. Give him time to grow up and learn a few things in this world. Some day he will learn. :-)
        linux for me
  • What's the point?

    I don't get Chrome OS. I know what they're trying to accomplish, but 'i think they would have been better to release a streamlined linux distro with an app store. Something like Android Desktop...

    I know that Chrome OS at it's heart uses a linux kernel. But still...browser only?
    Keith Porter
  • This

    Has made my day. Thanks for the good read.
    The one and only, Cylon Centurion
    • Easily pleased by any chance? (nt)

      @Cylon Centurion 0005

      • RE: Open letter to Google: Chrome OS is already redundant


        Why are you supporting yet another thin client scam Economister? Any Google shares?
      • I'm happy that


        Someone else share my views on this useless OS, and that I'm not the only one not gobbling up Google's propaganda.
        The one and only, Cylon Centurion
  • RE: Open letter to Google: Chrome OS is already redundant

    <i>Wait a minute</i>. Weren't you singing a different tune last year when the Chrome OS was announced? <br><br>Regardless, I don't see a proliferation of Chrome OS netbooks (or anything else) in the near future. Manufacturers will see the limitations, and they already know that few businesses or consumers will be interested. Not only is that a hurdle, but devices will have to be produced that the OS has hardware drivers to work with it, just like Ubuntu. You saw how well that went over with the public.<br><br>I think you are correct, they are too late to the game. It takes YEARS to create an OS that component manufacturers won''t shun and refuse to supply drivers for. Just ask Canonical about that. The big three OS providers - MS, Apple, and Linux - still face a daily battle trying to keep up with the changes, and I don't think Google stands a chance of competing. And don't even get me started on security - a cloud based OS? It doesn't get any more un-secure than that.<br><br>Google, stick with Android and the Chrome browser, and improve the cloud apps you already have. We have enough OS's to choose from already.
    • RE: Open letter to Google: Chrome OS is already redundant

      @babyboomer57 That was a year ago, to be fair. Promising to solve world hunger a year ago, and still nothing changed today means absolutely nothing - for example.
      • RE: Open letter to Google: Chrome OS is already redundant

        @zwhittaker - If you say so.

        Personally, I feel like solving world hunger is not something to give up on just because it hasn't changed in a year. I also believed a year ago that I would be in better shape physically this year than I was then, but that didn't happen. I still hold out hope for next year, though. That doesn't mean 'absolutely nothing' to me, sorry.

        Still, in principal, I agree with the point of your story.
  • Ah another pronouncement...

    Without the hint, or semblance of a clue.

    If being late to market makes one redundant then I guess you should spin a copy of this letter off to Microsoft regarding the redundancy of WP7 and to Google again wondering why they bothered with Android. I guess you also haven't noticed how many new types of pizza have been created and marketed. Why? Surely they're redundant.
    • Preach It, Bro!

      @zkiwi---Spot On!
      Many worthwhile products and services didn't go at all according to plan, but repeatedly awry. The venerable US Macy's Dept Store originally bankrupted some 7 times before success. And Colonel Saunders Kentucky Fried Chicken, as well as author Zane Grey, were both not men in their 60's before they finally struck paydirt?
      Never despise the day of small, or difficult for that matter, beginnings.
      • And all that does not mean that Chrome OS is not worthless (nt)

  • RE: Open letter to Google: Chrome OS is already redundant

    I don't see this as being a big hit in any way. But the idea is intriguing. You mentioned that Google should spend more time working on apps for Education. Well in one way, Chrome OS is a great one. With a low powered OS like this many public schools would be able to save a lot of money on whatever desktop machines they use with Windows and do all of their work online with Google Docs and other similar online programs. Similarly, many governments here in the United States have switched from using MS Office to using the Google suite of applications. Now they won't even have to worry about paying for a Windows license next upgrade cycle.

    In the end it'll all come down to price. If a Chrome Netbook comes in the price range of $300 to $450, it's already more than a lot of bare minimum Windows netbooks. I wouldn't mind getting one of these for some work if the machine comes in at around $150 to $200 using the same hardware as a Windows device, but without having to pay for a Windows license.
    • RE: Open letter to Google: Chrome OS is already redundant

      @Darkninja962@... I agree with you, however I need to point out to you that some of Google's products are not 'free' for businesses or the government. They pay a license fee just like MS customers, just not as big a price up front.
  • RE: Open letter to Google: Chrome OS is already redundant

    I, for one, am very excited to install a copy of Chrome OS as soon as it comes out. You say that it's not possible to live entirely in the cloud, but I've fully converted to Google Docs and don't use any software on my Windows machine besides the Chrome browser. I look forward to a 5-second boot time, no spyware/viruses, and no clutter on my hard drive.
    • RE: Open letter to Google: Chrome OS is already redundant

      @graemeerickson Wow.