Student blocked access to finish degree: Addicted to Facebook?

Student blocked access to finish degree: Addicted to Facebook?

Summary: With final year dissertations and essays due to be handed in this week, how far will one student go to avoid the ever-growing Facebook distraction?


Students around the world are facing, in some cases, their last week at university, with looming deadlines and essay and dissertations to submit. Many have already finished, but some like myself have until the end of this week to hand in everything they have before the scrutiny of their academic achievements are met and their degree classification is out of their hands.

I assure you: being a student at this time of year is far from stress free. Students worldwide are sweating like a Vegas Elvis on a squash court.

So when I found out earlier today that my friend, Lauren, had almost (I suspect there was an intervention, lots of anger and then possibly acceptance) rescinded her Facebook password over to her friend as to avoid the temptation of spending all day on the site and neglecting her very important final year essays, I was not that surprised.

Many of the usual lot have criticised Facebook for being either a waste of time, blaming the users and saying they are fickle or fools. My point is simple. It has over 425 million users and would be the third largest country in the world if it was a physical entity. No matter how you approach the subject, Facebook and social networking is not only important and a necessity for today's generation, but it is also here to stay.

One of the signs of addiction is the failed attempt to give up (pp. 3) though, in this case it cannot happen unless serious duress of the account holder is made - as her password has been change and no way to access her account.

The ongoing debate of whether the Generation Y and today's students and youth are addicted to Facebook will go on until the cows come home, and even then, the cows will probably get brought into the discussion with their own version of opinions.

My opinion of which I was interviewed for a friend's final year film project of a Multimedia Technology degree named aptly, 'iGeneration', studied the affects of the online world on the Generation Y, is clear and relatively simple.

We are not addicted to Facebook, social networking or the instant communications we see today. It has simply become part of the natural, albeit sped up progression of how people communicate. The issue we concern ourselves with is when this access is denied and we struggle to communicate by means of which we are used to.

We do however struggle to know what to do when we can't instantly communicate with each other. Just as before the web, one might study an A-to-Z map to find driving directions; now we check on Google Maps instead. Instead of waiting for a letter sent by snail mail, we use e-mail and further our "addictions" to the BlackBerry and mobile, portable devices. The alternative options are not gone, more so hidden by far more instant and convenient methods.


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  • Makes no sense at all

    Students worldwide are sweating like a Vegas Elvis on a squash court. If memory serves me well, I never saw Elvis (not even a Vegas Elvis) on a squash court. Doh!
    • Well...

      The quote was from fictional character, Malcolm
      Tucker, head of communications (head spin doctor)
      for the Prime Minister. It suggests Elvis, being
      huge at the time of his death, sweating as if he
      had spent the morning playing squash - a heavily
      active sport.

      Just accept it, please :)
  • RE: Student blocked access to finish degree: Addicted to Facebook?

    I understood the Elvis allusion as the graphic picture bloomed in my head immediately, even if I couldn't readily identify the source being <i>The Thick of It</i>.

    JJ Brannon
  • Facebook is for sissies

    and peeps who like to get pwnd. So why cry over spilled milk?

    Leave your cyber farm daydreams behind and get back to priorities already.
    • You did read the article... right?

      I seem to say this so often - but you did read, right? There's no point in preaching how much Facebook is for "sissies" when 450 million nearly (looking at today's stats, it's nearer that mark than the 425 million) use the site. What next? The Internet is for idiots? Public transport is for tossers? Watching television is for losers?

      Grow up.
      • 450 million sissies... right

        There's no limitation on that kind of thing.

        Just sayin'
  • RE: Student blocked access to finish degree: Addicted to Facebook?

    As my Ma said "Jest 'cos it's pop'lar don't mek it any good"
  • RE: Student blocked access to finish degree: Addicted to Facebook?

    I think it is a form of addiction. I noticed something. I will be in class taking notes and see half of my peers on Facebook. Also during school hours in when my chat is the most saturated. This generation has one problem. Growing up in such a fast paced and media savvy environment this generation is constantly bored. I think facebook satisfies this unexplainable boredom. Glad Lauren took action to have her password changed. This topic is going to be a larger issue when this generation starts working. Enjoyed the read Zack

  • RE: Student blocked access to finish degree: Addicted to Facebook?

    I'm thinking that for 25-50k a year for an education, FB should be blocked by the colleges during class time.
    • Their decision

      They're paying for their education. If college students want to waste their money than they have to deal with the consequences. They're not little kids anymore. They're young adults and they need to learn. (I'm 26 by the way).
  • room for improvement

    Facebook IS one of the premiere social
    networking and communication tools of digital
    natives and increasingly, their parents'
    generation. Furthermore, as a communication and
    networking platform, services such as Facebook
    offer a uniquely new way to connect with people
    in your life. As such, it is indispensable.
    However, if you take a quick look around my
    college library's massive computer lab, you
    will find scores of users playing Farmville or
    some other frivolous FBook app instead of
    working on their finals. With the advent of Web
    2.0 services like Facebook, suddenly people
    have discovered ever newer and more innovative
    ways in which they can waste hours of their
    life in utter non-productivity. And presuming
    it isn't something like Farmville or another
    app, it is also often the case that Facebook is
    the primary means by which people indulge a
    negative tendency to engage in pointlessly
    excessive social chatter instead of actually
    living their life and getting important work
    done. There is a point where something
    legitimate can become a mere object of
    fruitless addiction and wasteful laziness.

    As someone whose life revolves around
    technology, I find the absence of instant and
    multi-platform communication a severe handicap
    to both my personal life and work. That doesn't
    mean the technology is always used responsibly,
    nor that there is not room for improvement at
    the policy level of these websites and the
    organizations in which they are accessed. But
    most of all, there is definite room for
    improvement in the personal discipline,
    restraint, and judgment of people who
    ultimately utilize the technology themselves.
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  • Solution for your Facebook Addiction

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