Top 10 controversies of Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft

Top 10 controversies of Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft

Summary: Slideshow: A run down of the top 10 controversies and foul-ups from Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft respectively.


Without doubt, the four major pillars of the technology community are Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft.

From search to operating systems, browsers to mobile devices and social networks, collectively the four companies have nearly half of the world's population using one of their products, services or devices.

But with worldwide brand recognition and sales into the hundreds of millions, there is bound to be something that goes horribly wrong from time to time.

And these companies have had their fair share of controversies. Most of them, even in light of the extension of the Patriot Act, ironically fall down to user privacy.

With this in mind, find below four galleries with each of them containing ten of the greatest controversies that company has had to endure, along with the criticism and the major faux pas' they have had to deal with.

Slideshow 1: Apple's greatest controversies

From iPods to iPads, Apple has cloaked its company in huge swathes of corporate secrecy, but has not been caught without difficulties in the process. This gadget giant has some of the most profane following known to mankind, but has had some set backs along the way.

Slideshow 2: Facebook's biggest foul-ups

With over 500 million users, not every one of them will always be happy. Here is a list of the top ten slip-ups, difficulties and negative obstacles that the company has had to endure and deal with over its relatively short lifespan.

Slideshow 3: Google's largest disasters

With issues of censorship to the very fact that it has a presence in China, this gallery will run through some of the disasters the world leading search giant has had to face in its decade-long lifetime.

Slideshow 4: Microsoft's epic screw-ups

From editing out the face of an African-American man on localised resources all the way to antitrust suits, this gallery looks through over twenty years of controversies from one of the world's largest technology companies.

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  • Did I miss one, or more?

    What would you classify as one of the greatest slip-ups, screw-ups, controversies and issues that Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft have had to deal with? <B>Have your say.</b>
    • Not sure about additional contoversies, but 1)you can't put with a straight

      @zwhittaker: ... face in one category "anticompetitive practices" of Apple, which was never found responsible/liable in any wrongdoing in this field (ever), to serially convicted offender like Microsoft.<br><br>2) The suicides in Shenzen misses the point -- Sony, Dell, et cetera, get their goods assembled there (Apple uses less than 1/3 of Foxconn total workforce), and the likes of Nintendo launched their own investigations in suicides matter last year. Also, if you will sum USA's or UK's working people from all kinds of factories (which are still there) up to the same overall quantity that works in Foxconn, you will be surprised to learn that Chinese suicide rate on their factories is way lower.<br><br>3) iPhone 4 prototype story was turned upside-down by you: prior to this incident, Gizmodo run advertisement "we will buy any Apple's prototype devices" (which was withdrawn only after Apple's lawyers cease and desist letter about consequences), what lead young man who "found forgotten phone" to remember this offer. And Gizmodo paid him for the phone. All parties by that time knew what it was, so this transaction was equal to <b>buying stolen property</b> (the more so protected by trade/commercial secrets laws). Both student and <b>especially Jason Chen have to be in jail for that.</b><br><br>4) "Do not assist" document by Edward Bott was put together from three-font pieces, and when Adrian KH tried to find out if the document really exists and called actual Apple's support service, he found that the assistance was there. So this document might be very well non-existent except for Edward's "sources".
    • RE: Top 10 controversies of Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft

      You missed the Vista Fiasco, the WP7SOS update that bricked phones. Microsoft?s attempts to sue competitions using Proxies, the $8 billion deal for Skype, the failed attempt to buy yahoo. The list just goes on and on.
    • RE: Top 10 controversies of Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft

      @zwhittaker Haven't all of them been guilty of some kind of cover-up or misinformation to the public? <a title="texas real estate attorney" href="http://kellylegalgroup">texas real estate attorney</a>
  • RE: Top 10 controversies of Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft

    "Without doubt, the four major pillars of the technology community are Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft."

    You might want to qualify the term with the "consumer technology community." Most of these have little relevancy to the technology that run most universities, businesses, and countries.
  • You knew your Blog subject matter might cause &quot;problems&quot;, right?! Grin.

    Normally, I don't read "negative" slanted articles but sometimes, like everyone else, I am almost compelled to stop and watch a "train wreck".

    Well, the only gallery that I read was the Windows one. (I was curious as to how you would treat your favorite computing platform and I sort of guessed what the others would contain.)

    I have to tell you, I was somewhat shocked to see listed, as a controversy, the cell phone location data tracking issue with Windows 7 phones. In fact, this topic made your "Top Ten" list so it had to be well reported and discussed. Or not -- Grin.

    I state that because I don't remember one printed word from any ZDNet blogger mentioning any controversy with Windows phone 7 units over this issue. I even used the search function of ZDNet's website -- using the search criteria of "Windows phone 7 and location tracking" -- to see if I had missed any ZDNet articles on this topic. The ZDNet search failed to list any references to this topic as well. (Although I do tend to recall reading somewhere else that Microsoft officials did testify before Congress about this issue with the Win 7 phones.)

    So .. my conclusion stated, in total jest, is that obviously you didn't get the ZDNet Memo instructing you to bash Apple over this issue while avoiding any mention of this similar MS Win 7 phone behavior. Shame on you, Zack, for breaking the "Fifth Protocol" (I just watched the movie, "The Fourth Protocol" staring Michael Caine for writing inspiration and because there wasn't much else on worth watching. The "Fifth Protocol" just sounds -- cool -- don't you think? Grin)
    • RE: Top 10 controversies of Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft

      @kenosha7777 Larry mentioned it. "Apple's location tracking response: Five lingering questions" -- he even states why he doesn't focus on the others. Your comments have changed in tone recently.
      • Message has been deleted.

      • Re: my comments


        Yeah .. I've noticed that. I think I need a vacation!

        However, check out my comment in David Gewirtz's latest column. There might be hope for me yet.

        Take care, Zack.
  • I challenge your Facebook inclusion

    Apple, Microsoft, and even Google have created a vast array of hardware and software technologies that others use to create new products.

    Facebook is a--gossip website?

    • RE: Top 10 controversies of Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft

      @wolf_z It's used by over 500 million users. It has a huge, huge influence on the world.
      • RE: Top 10 controversies of Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft

        @zwhittaker - Toilets are used by over 4,000,000,000 people. I think the toilet is what we need to compare facebook to