What Microsoft gives you for free

What Microsoft gives you for free

Summary: It's not often you can put "Microsoft" and "free" in the same sentence, but they do do (no jokes) surprisingly a lot which is free. Students have been able to use DreamSpark for a while now, but it's still not very well publicised.


It's not often you can put "Microsoft" and "free" in the same sentence, but they do do (no jokes) surprisingly a lot which is free. Students have been able to use DreamSpark for a while now, but it's still not very well publicised. I wrote about DreamSpark back at the very beginning and how it doesn't provide a huge amount, and that it could offer more. Even though there have been no changes to the software they provide, some students may well still benefit.

If DreamSpark wasn't there, you'd have to pay for them (naturally), and here are the costs:

Microsoft provides these 5 products, worth just under $3,000, to students for absolutely free. Not only does it provide these, it throws in already free tools, such as the XNA Game Studio 2.0 and all of the Visual Studio Express editions. Some of these tools could be vital to inspiring student minds, getting them hands-on with developing and creating applications and games.

All you need is a Windows Live ID, which most people have, and your university/college login details at hand. The rest has already been done by your institution and Microsoft, linking the two, to verify who you are and what you are entitled to.

Not only that, we've heard from all over the placeloveliveside.png (primarily the gods at LiveSide, and they've really been going to town on their coverage) of the new Wave 3 of Windows Live, which I reported a couple of weeks ago, including a sneak preview at the pre-release version of Messenger.

Chris Jones wrote on the Live Wire blog today that the Wave 3 beta's will be open to the public by the end of today. Considering I downloaded these last night courtesy of LiveSide's heads-up, I've been having much fun with these new versions. If you can't download yet, feel free to take a look at the some of the Beta 1 versions of the next wave of the Windows Live suite, until the download links open up.

wlmessengergallery.pngwlmailgallery.png wlmoviemakergallery.pngwlmoviephotogallery.png

Update: download links are up at http://download.live.com.

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  • Drug dealer tactics

    What do they do when they are no longer students? Will they be able break their dependency on these products and find chearper or free replacements or will they have to pay forever more?
    • You want to talk about dealer tactics?

      Just check out the 11-16yr olds in the Apple stores, drooling over the latest iPod / iPhone, playing with it for ages (with the full support of the staff) and then being completely and utterly hooked.

      Now that is successful marketing...grab 'em while they're young!
      • RE: You want to talk about dealer tactics?

        Hey, I'm 20 and it worked for me.
  • Good on MS, thank open source

    Good for students to have access to these tools for free. Big thanks to the open source communities for making it happen with their excellent free IDE's like Netbeans and Eclipse, excellent server OSes like Linux and BSD family and application servers (Glassfish, Websphere CE, Geronimo, Tomcat) and sever tools like Apache and PHP.
    Richard Flude
  • RE: What Microsoft gives you for free

    As far as free software from Microsoft, they do give away most if not all of the Express versions of the development software mentioned in the article. Interestingly, both Firefox and Chrome use Visual Studio C++ Express for development.
  • Air is free

    Gates would charge you to rent your lungs if he could.
    • And it's worth about as much as your opinion.

      Hallowed are the Ori
      • RE: Wahd

        :) :)
  • Price vs worth

    The software is PRICED just under $3000. That does not mean that is what it is worth. There is plenty of over-priced stuff in the world. The availability of more and more solid, free, open source and on-line alternatives to Microsoft's product suite is driving a bigger and bigger wedge between their products' price and worth.
  • Here's what I get for free from Microsoft....

    Being a student, it's free thru the MSDN Academic Alliance Software Center. Check out the link and click the "software" button. Quite a selection.


    If the blog software cuts up the link, it's here at tinyurl: