Will students replace notebooks for handhelds?

Will students replace notebooks for handhelds?

Summary: Guest post: Imran Hussain is a blogger at startupmeme.com, and has a keen interest in technology and its effects on the lives of students.


smallmario.jpgGuest post: Imran Hussain is a blogger at startupmeme.com, and has a keen interest in technology and its effects on the lives of students.

Apple demonstrated some applications aimed at medical students at this year's WWDC. First was Modality, software for medical science students by a company called Epocrates. Students can use the software to view body parts, Some applications were demonstrated at this year's WWDC, aimed at medical students. First was Modality, a company which creates software for medical science students, whereas MIMvista, another medical company, that has also come up with an application which allows medical students to read CT and PET scans.

Aside from that, there are many applications that allow you to take notes. Now you can even listen to lectures on your iPhone, when compared to a notebook, can last 24 hours on audio. You can also have your files automatically synched no matter wherever you may be using Apple MobileMe or Funambol for free. Google Docs Mobile is already available on the iPhone, although, without the editing functionality - which shouldn't be far away. You also have Microsoft Office Mobile suite on your Windows Mobile device, so editing can also be done at a simpler level.

If a handheld device provides you such a complete package of functionality all around, what use is there of a netbook, or even a notebook, if your requirements are fulfilled by a powerful device such as the iPhone or even a HTC, for that matter? One of the benefits I see here of handhelds over the portable notebooks, is the considerably long battery life, and the most obvious one, the weight.

In my university, I am noticing the transition from notebooks to handhelds by students who don't need to develop applications or create presentations. The benefits of handhelds are increasing significantly at a fast pace, and I won't be surprised to see the next generation of handhelds competing stronger than ever with our trusty notebooks.

As a student, do you see handhelds replacing notebooks for your basic needs any time soon?

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  • I wish...

    - Think how easy it would be to cheat on tests, particularly if WiFi works in the exam room. Googling for grades ... nice!
    - Seriously, I'm not a student. I used an HP-71B as my calculator in college, a cutting-edge handheld computer at that time, and it didn't help my grades one bit, probably because I was too busy writing software for it and not doing homework. (grin)
    - There's no substitute for actual knowledge. Many universities require laptops ... why not a handheld? If the student gets the work done that *should* be all that counts, not what device they use to do their assignments.
  • RE: Will students replace notebooks for handhelds?

    Yes there is a high probability that this happens, given the word MOBILE being so common and 'KEWL'
    When you write at justifying a cause or giving up a view point regarding a the present trends, you ought to compare the pros and cons more appropraitely. Hope to read more from you,
  • RE: Will students replace notebooks for handhelds?

    I have yet to see anyone using handhelds to take lecture notes (owing to the lack of money to buy handhelds such as iPhones, I presume). However, I definately see your point, especially since today's market is all for less-bulky gadgets and easier portability. Although handhelds will eventually replace notebooks, especially in classrooms, I don't see this happening in the near future.
    Good job on the article Imran!