Alleged Bangladeshi hackers "leak" information about Indian Navy officers

Alleged Bangladeshi hackers "leak" information about Indian Navy officers

Summary: Pranksters with skills to Google upload already public information to PasteBin calling it a hack and threaten the Indian government.

TOPICS: Security

As I sit in my labs trying to finish some of my pending drafts, my friend @BlogsDNA tipped me about a hack. According to information uploaded on PasteBin, hackers from Bangladesh got hold of personal information about some Indian Naval officers. In bold claims, the Paste Bin dump calls this a demo for the Indian government. My first reaction was, "Oh crap!" Then I decided to search.

It turns out this information was already public. Moreover, the details leaked are of retired naval officers in Mumbai. The Indian Navy has charters across the country for those who have been part of the Indian navy; Mumbai has its own charter. A non-profit organization called LifeGoesOn has a document on its website that contains member information of the Indian Navy Foundation's Mumbai Charter. A direct link to the Microsoft Word document can be found on Bing (and I'm sure even on Google).

I did not cross check the entire list dumped on PasteBin but from whatever I've searched, the information uploaded by the alleged Bangladeshi hackers is in the Word document. This is no hack unless pranksters who know how to use Google are hackers, though the document being available for download raises concerns.

Topic: Security

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