Indian Govt. issues statement on Google's privacy policy

Indian Govt. issues statement on Google's privacy policy

Summary: You're the user. Read the damn policy.

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Google's recent changes to their Privacy Policy have made a lot of news. Google+ and the introduction of Search Plus Your World have many worried about the way Google can use personal information. Here are ZDNet we have been closely covering the ramifications of Google's new policies. Starting with Larry Dignan's post about the good, bad and scary. Larry pointed out:

Google will know more about you than your wife does. Everything across your screens will be integrated and tracked.

The new policies have raised concerns outside the US. The European Union asked Google to explain the changes and called the privacy policy "unlawful". The Japanese government and South Korea have expressed interest in the new policies too. In India, however, the approach has been different; more pragmatic one. Sachin Pilot, Minister of State for Communications and Information Technology issued a statement explaining India's current laws on privacy and the government's stand on the issue. The important part:

Rectification of conflict between Google, an US Company and European Directive on Data Protection is not within the purview of Government of India.

The new Google Privacy Policy provides information to the end users as to how their personal information is collected, for which it is collected, processed and secure. The end users, however, need to fully understand the privacy policy of Google, the consequences of sharing their personal information and their privacy rights before they start using online services.

As explained in the statement, the 2011 amendment of the IT Act of 2000 directs companies to protect private information and clearly disclose their policies on how the information will be used. Google has done this and as such the government does not need to intervene. Google's use and/or abuse of user information for targeting ads and knowing their users' behavior is not new, the government has better things to do than go after Google when nothing can be done.

PS: ZDNet's Violet Blue has a survival guide to the new changes just in case.

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  • well said!

    Google's lame competition should go whine to somebody else!
    The Linux Geek
  • Well said

    I am confuse about how India can interpret the user policy as giving users information about how their information is use and yet the French (they are running the EU investigation) say that it does not. Although the EU commissioner was happy to support the new policy for an entire week without criticising it and only change her mind once the internet and media had made up its mind or as we say in the UK, follow the sheep.