Infamous hacker group Anonymous pays the Indian cyberworld a visit

Infamous hacker group Anonymous pays the Indian cyberworld a visit

Summary: Hackers claiming to be part of Anonymous deface government websites, giving in to the public backlash restore websites and delete their online presence.

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Hacker group Anonymous (or a group claiming to be part of Anonymous) defaced two websites under the National Informatics Center domain.

The past few weeks have seen a political outcry in India with a spiritual leader and a social activist tag teaming the Indian government against corruption. What followed was classic display of how politics is played in India. Hunger strikes, baton charges, name calling, name maligning, we witnessed all of it; the media had their hands full. In the midst of the political drama, a hacker group claiming to be Anonymous defaced two websites as part of an effort called Operation India to support the spiritual leader and the social activist. The first hack happened on June 6th where (the website is currently down for maintenance) was defaced with the following message:


.We exist without nationality.. We exist with humanity .NIC took 3 ins, .This time we talk to the government – On NIC Homepage and Sub-Domains. .There is no use securing. There is no use of spending on forensic. .Get this message clear Mr. Prime Minister and others. .We do not like to talk much and Yes! IT is our world. .Expect us.

A press release was issued by the group:

anonymous india

On the 9th of June, the official website of the Indian army ( was attacked as reported by The Hacker News. While many are fans of Anonymous & LulzSec, citizens of India were not pleased with the attack against the army's website. Indians expressed their displeasure on Operation India's Facebook page & on twitter. The group behind Operation India decided to restore the Indian Army's website and said they won't be going after the government websites. As noticed by The Next Web, Operation India's Facebook and twitter accounts were deleted. (It is unclear if Twitter and Facebook were involved since both @LulzSec and @AnonyOps are active.)

According to a message posted on PasteBin on June 12th, Anonymous alleges that the people behind the attacks on the government website were not part of Anonymous but were misusing the name & platform of Anonymous. An excerpt from the message:

It has come to our notice that some of the Indian hackers and there groups are taking the undue advantage of the situation and the name and platform of Anonymous. [...]

You targeted organizations and other Indian Government properties to settle your own issues and you used the name Anonymous for personal benefits. By doing all this activities, you have not only hampered the image of Anonymous but you all are responsible for the damage caused to #OpIndia.

The fight against corruption is an ongoing effort and defacing the Indian army's website will achieve nothing since the army does not influence the government.

Topic: Security

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  • RE: Infamous hacker group Anonymous pays the Indian cyberworld a visit

    Manan Kakkar, You post Facts without verifying . You should ask to some Genuine guy, who know all about this. On the basis of a pastebin post (anyone can make it) , you make a complete story .. wow ! You defaming the Owner of , you are defaming the owner of Indian cyber army .. Who give you right to post this, without knowing that.. whos names are written in the pastebin . Dude Remove the post as soon as possible ,either we have to sue you... This all is fake story made by someone for teasing the security pro of India. First contact the guys, whos names you mention (that they are misuing name of anon) , You will come to know that, how much foolish article you posted..
    • RE: Infamous hacker group Anonymous pays the Indian cyberworld a visit

      @evil9 you have a problem with the PasteBin note, as someone reporting a news piece I have presented the note, I don't know anyone from Anonymous who can verify the validity or invalidate the note, hence the word "alleges". You say the note is false, it could be, I've only presented the "facts".
      Manan Kakkar
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  • one

    this is for real