Interesting non-financial numbers shared by TCS in Q2 results

Interesting non-financial numbers shared by TCS in Q2 results

Summary: In a positive Q2 report, TCS shared details about their intellectual property (520 applied patents), employees (214,349) and clients (1,010).

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The quarterly results of a company are about financial numbers. Those are boring. During TCS's Q2 results, the company shared a lot of numbers, the financial numbers have been received positively by those who understand them. Tucked within the report card are some non-financial numbers about the company's progress in the past quarter and few years:

  • Number of active clients: 1,010 (35 new clients added in Q2)
  • 214,770 total employees on payroll
  • 20,349 new employees
  • 5,000 students offered jobs across 200 campuses (60,000 more employees to be hired during FY 2011-2012)
  • Attrition rate down to 13.7% from 14.8% in Q1
  • 520 patents applied for with 109 in Q3 (68 granted so far)
  • Estimated IP worth between $114 to $171 Million (according to ipCaital Group considering a total of 313 patents in the US)

The Q2 financial highlights shared by TCS:

  • Revenues for the quarter—$2.52 billion
  • North America contributed to 53% of the revenue (24.5% increase YoY)
  • 43.5% revenues from the financial sector (TCS BaNCS continues to be a popular software)
  • Net income for the quarter is at  $528 Million

Sources: ipCapital Press Release, TCS Press Release & Business Line (1) and (2)

Topic: Banking

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  • RE: Interesting non-financial numbers shared by TCS in Q2 results

    Hopefully, the number of patents granted increases more. IP is one thing that many indian companies lack sorely, and I hope they correct this situation in near future.
  • RE: Interesting non-financial numbers shared by TCS in Q2 results

    As an ex-TCSer I can say with certainty that the numbers are misleading to say the least. TCS is now following a purely numbers game in recruiting fresh grads ( who come form B-/C tier colleges) with no graduation percentage requirement ..<br><br>Projects are worked on by complete freshers with no quality control.. the main project that we were working on ( multi-million) drove the client crazy with complete disaster deliveries (quality, lack of on time deliveries, communication skills) .. that we lost 80% of new projects floated by the client to competitors. Not to talk of fudging Visas to send ppl to the US..<br><br>lol...U shud see the new recruits to understand where the company is headed. Most old timeers have left for greener pastures and some to escape embarrasment in dealing with the clients since they cannot backup the qulaity of work delivered...