Nokia India takes Windows Phone promotions sky-high

Nokia India takes Windows Phone promotions sky-high

Summary: It's a bird, it's a plane, well, yes, it's a plane. It's a Jet AIrways plane with Metro tiles.


The Nokia-Microsoft partnership has raised several doubts for both companies. Windows Phone's success is critical to both companies and promoting the product has a lot to do with it's success and failure. During my trip to North India and even around Mumbai, Nokia India is ensuring that people know about their Lumia phones. Distributor outlets in small towns to outlets in big cities are covered with their Metro-themed wallpapers. Big billboards at strategic corners in Mumbai are promoting the Lumia phones.

Mobile enthusiast blog ZOMGItsCJ reported sometime back that Nokia India is partnering with Jet Airways to cover their airplanes with the same Metro-themed artwork. Honestly, it doesn't make sense to me that you'd paint the outside of an airplane. Let's face it, air traffic is not like India's bumper-to-bumper road traffic. The plane flies high enough for no one on ground to see what's painted on the outside and no one in the plane really knows what's painted outside. If Nokia India painted cabs and 3-wheeler rickshaws with the Lumia brand—that'd make more sense since there are more people stuck in traffic and looking out for vacant cabs than there are those who're looking at the artwork on an airplane.

Having said that, I still appreciate Nokia India's unique efforts. An image of the Jet Airways airplane covered in Metro tiles courtesy ZOMGItsCJ:

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  • RE: Nokia India takes Windows Phone promotions sky-high

    It is targeted for high end group which travel by plane...similar to plan if it fly of the shop is works for Nokia India :)
    • That's right

      @vkannanm@... That's right. At Rs. 30,000 that is the best crowd to target....
      Arun (sreearun)
      • RE: Nokia India takes Windows Phone promotions sky-high

        @Arun (sreearun)

        but for that price, why would anyone buy it instead of an iPhone or Android??
    • RE: Nokia India takes Windows Phone promotions sky-high

      You are missing the point. The high end group that travels by plane goes from the air terminal, where they can't really see the exterior of the plane, through the jetway bridge, where they can't see the exterior of the plane, to the interior of the plane, where they can't see the exterior of the plane.
      So even if your theory is correct (which I doubt) it still is a massive load of FAIL.
  • RE: Nokia India takes Windows Phone promotions sky-high

    Lumia is Rock Solid Design and Windows Phone is simply a bench mark OS. Here is why:
    Windows Phone is awarded best OS of the year 2011 (even better than Android ICS):

    Windows Phone won three main design awards. Check out

    What Mobile Awards: Lumia 800 - Editors Choice -

    Nokia Lumia 800 tops KPN Netherlands Network:

    Nokia Lumia 800 tops O2 Germany network above Galaxy: top rated windows phone above androids:
  • RE: Nokia India takes Windows Phone promotions sky-high

    @deXter, Because iphone is 40K in India.
  • It All Depends

    It may be a great attention-getter - unless one of the planes ends up in a crash. Seeing a destroyed air plane with the branding on it would become the go-to picture for any perceived or real failure of Nokia and/or Windows Phone.