Nokia takes Smoked By Windows Phone across India, blowing away competition

Nokia takes Smoked By Windows Phone across India, blowing away competition

Summary: Nokia India has renamed the popular Smoked by Windows Phone campaign and is showing the people in India that the Nokia Lumia phones are better than their smartphones at everyday tasks.


At CES 2012, Ben Rudolph from Microsoft came up with a campaign that in hindsight is the best campaign Windows Phone has had so far. Ben challenged the techies at CES that his Windows Phone was quicker than their smartphones and if Ben lost at tasks they chose, he'd pay them $100. Windows Phone smoked the competition. Post CES, Ben and Microsoft have taken the promotion to other cities in the US. In India, Nokia has decided to do the same, under a different name. Nokia India calls this the Blown Away by Lumia challenge. Nokia is going around cities in the country challenging people that the Lumia 800 is simply quicker than other smartphones at basic everyday tasks.

If you win, you get 1,000 INR; if you lose, well the Lumia 800 is better than your smartphone. Deal with the fact that Microsoft's Windows Phone is a competent OS.

So far, there have been three competitions, one in Pune and two in Delhi. On their official Facebook page, Nokia India has shared several images but not shared the final score (something Ben Rudolph has been very transparent about). The Blown Away challenge is being taken to more cities--Mumbai, Kalokata and Bangalore--which could be an indication that the Lumia 800 is indeed blowing away competition. Here are some pictures from the albums:

Microsoft's Windows Phone is crucial to Nokia, and Nokia India seems to be taking the challenge seriously. They've taken Windows Phone sky-high and are now blowing away the competition. The recently announced Nokia 610 should help Nokia address the price-concious consumer, while the 710, 800 and 900 should cater to the rest.

PS: Nokia India is even live tweeting the event as it happens.

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  • As the old saying goes.

    You can fool some of the people all of the time. Anyone with a functioning brain can see these "tests" are rigged to promote a specific outcome.
    Jumpin Jack Flash
    • Did you even watch the original videos?

      The tests were chosen by the person challenging Windows Phone. And it won, easily, in 27 out of 30 challenges. Deal with it.
      • Still Rigged

        By selection limitations.
        Now, find a game like FF2 or Infinity Blade or Bards Tale or..... and see how these do.... if Win has anything like this.....

        Let's see how it does doing tasks like business doc editing or creation....

        When you limit it to a subset, it is not an open challenge.
      • The testswere chosen by the Microsoft guy.

        Just as in the original contest. To say otherwise is to claim to be ignorant.
        Jumpin Jack Flash
    • Of course it's rigged

      if it wans't rigged then it would have been 30 wins for WP7.
      The only reason the WP7 lost those 3 was that they rigged it so the other phone would win. :)
      William Farrel
    • Once Again

      If a post does not cheer for Microsoft, it must be voted to the point of being hidden?
      Jumpin Jack Flash
      • Good posts...

        don't get voted down. Now what were you saying again?
  • What a useless metric!

    Who is sitting around saying "Gosh, I wish my phone weren't so slow"?

    This is a contest over which car goes zero-to-sixty faster. Problem is, most people who drive their Corolla to work every day don't care, that's not their metric. Their metric is miles per gallon and cheapness of maintenance.
    • Then the WP7 is still the better choice

      you don't hear of anything close to the amount of issues with a WP7 as you do the Android "equivilent".
      William Farrel
      • That could be explained easily

        By the comparative market share. Android squillions of people use, WP not so much.
      • Want to bet?

        The current limitations with Win phones, and the reason I elected not to get one, is the limitations of the current OS, not the speed or bugs.

        When the OS matures I will likely look again. I am not beholden to any specific OS or hardware - I use what works best for me.

        For now, Win Phone OS is not it......
      • When only the Fanboys use it

        They will not complain about it. WP7 has such low marketshare, because no one short of the fanboys want it.
        Jumpin Jack Flash
      • really

        That's beacause only 1.3% Of smartphone users own WP7 handsets.

        *FOUR* Patches now released to fix the ongoing poor battery problems with Lumias.................

        WP7's marketshare has been #smokedbybada
  • I remember back in the day when Coke and Pepsi had adds

    running touting taste tests. Each showed random citizens choosing their products in a blind taste test. Now the only thing that mattered in the end was that Coke remained number one and Pepsi second in over all sales volume. By the way I'm a Pepsi fan not Coke.

    Pagan jim
    James Quinn
  • It doesn't take too much to show speed advantages ...

    ... when you are comparing ANY OS against the world's most sluggish mobile OS.

    Sorry, but no matter how much fandroids deny it, Android (even the most current version on top of the line hardware) is SLUGGISH as hell. There is very little doubt that WP7 (or any non-Android OS) can smoke the hell out of the top Android smartphones on any speed test.
    • O rly ?

      Read it and weep dude !!!! Even MS now admits the Nexus is the fastest phone in the world for every day tasks.
  • I win

    I challenged my WP7 owning mate to see who was fastest to skype their friend.

    He has told me to wait until Q4 2012..............I think he was #smokedbygalaxys2

    The only reason WP7 is fast is because it does not do much, once you load an app it takes AGES to load and is slow, look at the crap fps on most games.

    I don't care if doing 1 thing is faster, it is too simple a phone to be a true the top of my head

    No Multitasking eg dl nokia map - leave screen dl stops, facepalm!, poor battery life, No Flash support, only fking BING !!!!!!, Cant send contact over bluetooth, can't get MMS when on wifi and 3g turned off !wtf!, can't to connect to a VPN, can't attach TWO office docs to my emails, no device encryption, no ability to use self signed certs, can't attach pdfs to emails, missing apps like Skype, instagram, dropbox etc, can't show call duration for calls in history, no FULL backup facility, no copy and paste between apps, can't record in 1080 video, can't set custom ringtones for sms, emails etc, can't sync with outlook on my PC.

    Not to mention there are still quite a few bugs to be ironed out.

    Most people are smart and can see past this dumb "marketing" and that is why WP7 has only 1.3% market share, no one wants it.
    • Funny you mentioned a huge load of features none of which

      I need/want or use. Odd eh? "Features" in and of themselves are not the end all to be all. It's up to each individual as to what feature or list of said are important to them. I gather to you these features are key but I just wonder how may others agree? Most especially the average user who has no particular tech or geek needs.

      Pagan jim
      James Quinn
      • wtf !!!

        So only geeks need skype ?? what about dropbox ?? and do only nerds need to attach a pdf to an email ??? what about multitasking ??? you think only nerds sit on nokia maps waiting for a dumb map to download and can do nothing else or the download stops ??? hmm yes only a nerd needs to backup his phone...........and what about the crap lumia battery life eh ?? nokia are onto patch number FOUR !!!! to fix this. but then again if you need your phone to last more than 2 hours you must be a nerd.

        WP7 sucks, and that is why NO-ONE other than MS geeks and nerds are buying can't argue with that.....but I suspect you will.

        1.3% Market share, the people have spoken jim.
    • What's your Skype ID?

      I'll call you from my Samsung Focus Windows Phone that has a Skype app.

      And you seriously do things like use self signed certs? You must be one of the 1% who do.

      You must also be kidding about battery life.