Cisco kids not by suing Apple over iPhone: so what do you think of this mess?

Cisco kids not by suing Apple over iPhone: so what do you think of this mess?

Summary: As many of you know by now, Cisco filed a trademark infringement suit against Apple for the iPhone today.Details here.


As many of you know by now, Cisco filed a trademark infringement suit against Apple for the iPhone today.

Details here.

My colleague Larry Dignan got an advance warning earlier this morning:

In an email to me earlier today, Cisco spokesman John Noh said:

"The fact is that we have not received the approved agreement back from Apple as late as this morning. What we said in our statement, which you posted, was that we sent them the final terms on Jan. 8 and by the fact that they launched the iPhone on Jan. 9 without an agreement in place with us, we could only assume that they had agreed to our final terms and that we expected a signed agreement from them as early as yesterday. As of this morning, we're still waiting."

Now I would like to know what you think of this mess.

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  • I already commented about this on your colleagues post

    Jobs is an arrogant jerk like the rest of them and needs to have an example set of himself!
  • iMOBILE, iPodMobile, iCommunicate, iTalk

    I say change the name. This is Cisco, not a small-time operation in xenoland, xeno. iPhone arrived, now let iMOBILE or some other "i" conquer. What a great mobile - this baby will be the most coveted toy/accessory/device of 2007! Congrats, Apple! Now about that name, "I" suggest ---
    • Calling something "immobile"

      ...does not sound like a good selling point.
      tic swayback
  • Another option

    How about, who cares? Does it really matter what the name of this product is? At this point, will it hinder sales in any way?

    Don't the lawsuits just provide another avalanche of free publicity for Apple and their Jesus Phone? How many stories about this on ZDNet alone, 20, 30?
    tic swayback
  • Marketing and style over substance

    It's not available yet, it's HUGE, it just about offers all the features of any existing Windows Mobile/Pocket PC, it's locked to a single provider. Once again the fanboys see innovation in a late attempt to keep up with the market.

    I await some actual hands-on reviews and Cisco suing the pants off Apple.
    • More substance in here

      Take a look at these guys:

      They've got a Windows Mobile 5.0 softphone that does both voice and video. Haven't seen these type of apps anywhere else...
  • Jobs' ploy...

    Apple Computer, Inc.officially changing it's name "Apple Inc.", simultaneous release of the (apple)TV, Jobs joking about "never name a product away from your corporate naming structure" when talking about the (apple)TV, them previously dropping their hugely successful "iBook" line name, replacing with the "Apple MacBook", and then knowingly releasing the "iPhone" product without legal right to do so, willfully infringing on the legal copyright holder who is not some 15 yr old domain squatter, but Cisco, and the fact that the "iPhone" will not be released until June, and it all adds up to one thing to me:

    Apple Inc. is changing their entire product line in an effort to capitolize even further on it's 10,000 gorrila marketting momentum as well as ensuring that all future fruits of it's forthcoming product line that will surely expand into countless more facets of our lifestyle will be met with inextricablbly clean and license-free trademark proceedings... say hellow to (apple). Yes, it is my steadfast prediction that Apple Inc. is changing their entire product line naming strategy to an infinitely cleaner formula, and their first product to hold this naming convention is the (artist formerly known as Apple Computer)TV.

    The massive uprising of press over the iPhone trademark suite, it's seemingly typical (apple) wiz-bang features, it's uncharicteristic pre-announcement, simply fuels the buzz of fire surrounding the pending release, at which point the (apple)Phone will be released with a bevy of fanfare.

    What better way to orchestrate such a manuever ? They're increasingly finding it difficult to keep the "i"Xxxxx product line pipeline since they needant look further than the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to see the finite scope of (apple)'s available product line. Even products outside the "i"Xxxxx lineage are subject (Creative Nano anyone ?)

    No, with a change in product space to the glpyh (apple)Xxxxx, (apple) opens every conceivable product space to their midas touch, eliminating the increasingly expensive task of obtaining said "i"Xxxxx trademark licenses while further entrencing the (apple)-as-an-experience franchise. Even the naysayers who would scoff at (apple) much as they did with the "MacBooK" release, would praise Apple as the "underdog" when they reveal their (apple)Phone in June, chocking the result up to that "trademark squatter" bully Cisco (boohoo).

    Yes people, good by Apple Computer, hello (apple).

    • d i s c l a i m e r

      [no proofreading, spellchecking, grammar checking, or blind dogs were used in the making of this insomniac-fueled rant]