Hey Skype, how about some phone-based customer service?

Hey Skype, how about some phone-based customer service?

Summary: Skype has some serious customer service and support issues. It was one thing to provide minimum four-day Web-based response when Skype was Web-based only.


Skype skype_logo21.png has some serious customer service and support issues. It was one thing to provide minimum four-day Web-based response when Skype was Web-based only. But now with Skype's video chat, third-party plug-ins and mobile devices, it is time for eBay owned Skype to grow up and act like a real company that releases products for which customers have questions.

In fact, U.K.-based blogger J.A. Watson nails it in his post, What's Going On At Skype? Watson writes in part:

Skype has no customer service telephone number. They have no customer service live chat. They have no customer service email. The only way to contact them for help is to submit a support request through their web page, and then wait a MINIMUM of FOUR DAYS to even get the first acknowledgment that they have received it! This applies not only to free Skype service users, but to paying customers as well.

It is very difficult to comprehend a situation where a company can take your money in advance for a service, and then choose not to provide that service - and please note that I am saying "choose not to", rather than "be unable to" - and then not even respond to queries as to why the service has been cut off for four days! The actual time to sort out the problem and restore service can easily run into weeks. Skype says that they are doing this to protect their customers from fraud; that is certainly necessary in some situations, but with these sort of contact problems and response times, the worst of the "fraud" is being perpetuated by Skype themselves!

Watson couldn't be any more spot-on than he is. Given that eBay seems to be making or at least influencing most of the big moves at Skype, it is time for them to suck it up and either establish Skype-specific, phone-based tech support, or (I seldom type these words) hire it out.

What do you think? Does Skype need to provide phone-based tech support? Even outsourced?

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  • *ALL* eBay companies have shite customer service!

    Skype is just following what is clearly the eBay customer service line: we don't offer it. Anyone who has had any ineraction with eBay or PayPal customer service can probably relate to the experience. Even when you do contact them, it is apparent they can't even read, and then it normally takes several days of yelling at them and over-the-top security checks to eventually find out they can't solve your problem anyway.

  • What do you want for nothing?

    RRRRRRRRRubber biscuit.
    • Nothing?

      He is talking about paid customers too! I am one of them, and the 4 day period is real, I have corroborated that. Not only that buy they answer you with some nonsense. In my case, I paid X euros and they credited only half!
  • If you're that desperate for support...

    ...a simple whois on the domain reveals the following alternative contact methods:

    Leutz, Jerl skypedomains@skype.net
    Skype Limited
    Arthur Cox Bldg, Earlsfort
    Bldg, Earlsfort Terrace
    Dublin, Dublin 2
    16180000 Fax -- 16180618

    - John Musbach
    John Musbach
  • RE: Hey Skype, how about some phone-based customer service?

    You hit it spot on. There is even more going on. Even on the Skype website itself there is misleading advertising. If you want the real information on a service you need to click from one page to another trying to piece together what their products really include. Like you said with the growing number of customers and customer issues and complaints a measly web-based support request that takes 4 days is laughable! Frequenting the Skype forums it's apparent that there are too many unsatisfied, frustrated customers looking for help! False advertising on their website, no delivery of promised services, little to no real customer service solution = customers need to start looking elsewhere for a viable voip service. Skype needs to get their act together.
  • RE: Hey Skype, how about some phone-based customer service?

    i think ebay is a shitty company and so is skype. now there is marriage between the 2 of them we expect the worse.
    these people do not know any word like telephone

    here is what i do and i suggest everybody to do the same
    you call your bank and say that your sister in law or brother or even you dog called and charged your credit card and it was unauthorized
    that is it---then they come to their senses

    just buy phone cards from grocery store near you and call for fraction of skype

    call to Europe with skype is 15c
    i call with calling card without connection fee for 1.7 cent

    skype can you beat that
    buy euro card and enjoy , also you can recharge
    hell with skype and ebay
  • RE: Hey Skype, how about some phone-based customer service?

    If you want to know how Skype treats both their paying and free customers then start <a href=http://community.zdnet.co.uk/blog/0,1000000567,1r-1d-2000498653b-1,00.htm>here</a> and see what a total waste of time they are.
  • Skype is greedy!

    It???s the greedines of big companies. Ebay and skype making a huge profits but are to greedy to offer standart customer support.
    If I tell my customer I will reply to your e-mail in 72h I will be out of business soon.
    I am one of paid skype customer, the charged an service twice to my paypal account, after disputing the charge the took my skype account down.
    Now I have to wait 72 hours so the can figure out that they make an mistake. I am looking forward to cancel my skype account soon, and go with a more business oriented company.
    Google offers with grandcentral a similar service, and now its still for free.


  • RE: Hey Skype, how about some phone-based customer service?

    Do not subscribe it with your bankcard. You cannot cancell service and they will keep withdrawing money from your account. You cannot find their cumstumor service number from web site. Never use the service.
  • RE: Hey Skype, how about some phone-based customer service?

    skype never dares to show up their phone number for contact. If you have problems, you can not do anything but wait for your money being withdrawn by them continuously.

    It is true that Skype is fraudulent and never give you their phone number for contact. It will cost you a day to search in their website, but you will never ever find the contact information, let alone a phone number.
    Skype doesn't give you phone to contact
  • RE: Hey Skype, how about some phone-based customer service?

    It is hard to believe that after 3 years, this situation has not improved. Recently Skype increased their rates and "mistakingly" cancelled subscribers to the previous plan. They blamed it on a "bug" but said that the bug will be fixed, but unfortunately the fix will not be retroactive. As a results, those long-term loyal customers that had their subscription cancelled had to buy a new subscription plan at a higher rate and less features. I have been trying to find the proper contact number to complain to Skype but have not been able to find it yet. If anyone learns of the proper contact to file a formal complaint, please share it with the rest of us here.
  • Skype nightmare

    I made the mistake of subscribing to Skype world $9.99 the hope that i would get some phone one on one help but it's the same service you get for free. I am on the one month free trail but need to cancel. However Skype makes it impossible to do so once you sign up . What a screwed up and misleading company. Does any one know how to unsubscribe??