The iPhone ad secret Apple probably doesn't want you to know

The iPhone ad secret Apple probably doesn't want you to know

Summary: Apple iPhone ads are available for viewing on the Apple site.The ad entitled Calamari is one of my favorites.

TOPICS: Apple, iPhone, Mobility


Apple iPhone ads are available for viewing on the Apple site.

The ad entitled Calamari is one of my favorites. It morphs from a scene drawn from "Pirates of the Caribbean" to a search for a restaurant in San Francisco that serves calamari (insert requisite "yums" here.)

As you see from the grab at the top of this post, the search is then shown narrowing down to a well-regarded eatery known as Pacific Catch.

Now, the iPhone user is moving his finger toward the restaurant's phone number. Reservations are just a tap away:


But you already knew that. Now, you are waiting to learn what I am about to tell you.

OK, here's the secret- or what was a secret until the New York Times mentioned it just this morning. As controlling as Apple is, you would have thought that they would have vetted this restaurant as a loyal Apple customer- Macs in the back office, for example.

But no, not really. Pacific Catch general manager Rob Schechtman tells the NYT's Andrew Adam Newman that the restaurant's computer systems are PC-based.

Given Mr. Job's seeming temperament that you are either with us or against us, do you suppose he'll be pissed that Apple's ad agency didn't vette Pacific Seafood first for their OS loyalty?

Topics: Apple, iPhone, Mobility

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  • Mac-based Restaurant?

    I'm not sure their is a robust Restaurant Management System based on the Mac... I think you'd be hard pressed to find a popular restaurant running Mac's, not because there is anything wrong with them but because all of the popular systems run on PCs (though I guess noawdays the hardware could be Apple). The real question is what kind of phone will the manager of the resteraunt carry on June 29th?
    • Not even one?


      [i]because all of the popular systems run on PCs[/i]

      So are [b]all[/b] restaurant owners idiots or is the PC better than the Mac?
  • Sigh

    So what, you think Apple only wants to sell iPhones to Mac users?

    By the way, the word you're looking for is "vet", not "vette" which would be a slang word for a "Corvette".
    tic swayback
  • And that's the BIG secret?

    I don't think Jobs care as much as you may think. Seriously, the iPhone just like the iPod will be usable on both PCs and Macs.
    • The other big secret

      The "I'm a PC" guy on the Mac ads? John Hodgman? In real life he's a Mac user. Such contradictions must throw the author's life into chaos.
      tic swayback
      • Really - Did not know that....

        I became a big fan of his after the commercials. :)

        But really this blog makes no sense. Apple's biggest customers of the iPod are PC users (will be the same with iPhone), so why would he care if the restaurant don't use Macs?
        • Read his book

          Hodgman's book, "The Areas of My Expertise" is amusing, but if you want laugh out loud funny, get the audiobook version, which totally kills.
          tic swayback
          • (Audiobook) Was on iTunes for free months ago

            Was a day or two late from getting it, dawn! Will add to my list.
          • A highly effective marketing technique

            I grabbed it for free from iTunes, and have since purchased the full set for three people for presents. That turned out to be a highly effective marketing technique, as they created 3 sales by giving me the product for free.
            tic swayback
  • A matter of aesthetics

    "Pacific Catch" is a lot better name for a restaurant in an ad than "Tony's Seafood", and it is located such that the tag falls over the uncluttered blue of S.F. Bay.

    Who knows? Maybe this is one of Steve's favorite places to eat. And I'll bet there was an iPhone (or maybe an iMac) involved in the deal!
  • the REAL secret

    Maybe the REAL secret is that Russell has no life and little to talk about so he spends his time nit-picking about the OS's in use by the computers used by the restaurant in a commercial. Who cares about such tripe?

    I could care less what computers are in use at a restaurant. I care more that it is clean, meets safety and code requirements, and has good food.

    Apple probably realizes that most business are not Mac-only, and embraces that reality a lot more than overpaid blogsters would like to believe. Their iPod cash cow works fine with PCs, and I suspect their upcoming iPhone will as well.
  • "The real question..."

    "The real question is what kind of phone will the manager of the resteraunt carry on
    June 29th?"

    An iPhone. I've spoken to him (Will interview him on our show this Wednesday) and
    he's a Mac user. :)
  • Funny maybe? I don't know.

    If this writing was supposed to be funny, I didn't' get it. Otherwise it was a complete waste of time.

    Either for or against us. How asinine.
  • No big deal

    The whole new concept is that Apple is integrating itself more and more into "everyday" situations. iPod, iPhone AppleTV, parallels, .Mac for Windows, etc...
    I am a HUGE Apple fanatic but I've always wanted to be with the regular folks too. I use Apple products because they are generally superior and have magnatudes of cool factor.

    Red lobster still uses a lot of 486 POS Pcs for theis ordering system. Running DOS! Should I get huffy about it? Nah. I am kind of glad now that you're mentioned it. One of the biggest flaws early on in OS X was I couldn't collaborate my iCal with others easily. What good was an app which connected to 2 friends and excluded another 300? This is a positive trend.
    • "magnatudes" of cool

      And yet no embedded spell-checker.

      I've never understood this whole "coolness" thing. When I was a young man, coolness was synonymous with popularity. Why is that axiom no longer true?

      If Jobs wants to compete, he'll stop being an ass about hardware and just get OSX ported over to the PC. You'd think that would help the company out a bit.

      Oh, wait, no. their hardware would never, ever sell again if people could run OSX on a 450 laptop instead of the 1100 one.