Vonage users ask: how about Selective Call Block?

Vonage users ask: how about Selective Call Block?

Summary: After years of clamboring for Anonymous Call Rejection (blockage of calls from people you don't know, or who don't display their numbers via Caller I.D.


After years of clamboring for Anonymous Call Rejection (blockage of calls from people you don't know, or who don't display their numbers via Caller I.D.) Vonage users have been welcoming this feature for months now.

Going through the non-Vonage-run Vonage Forums, it seems that while Anonymous Call Rejection is a welcome feature, some Vonage users view the availability of this feature as only a start.

What some Vonage users really want is Selective Call Block. There's even a Vonage Forum thread up about the issue.

Selective Call Block is what it says it is- an ability to block incoming calls from some businesses and people who you really don't want to talk with at certain times, or at all.

Who? Phone solicitors, bill collectors, former significant and insignificant others.

In the absence of Selective Call Block, at least one Vonage user and Vonage Forum Member has a workaround?

A Vonage user named EzCo offers this:

If you're getting annoying calls in the middle of the night, you could use DND (do not disturb). It's *78 to enable DND and *79 to disable it. Calls will go directly to VM, if you have VM enabled. Otherwise the caller gets a message that you're not taking calls at this time.

I don't care for Vonage's implementation of DND, but it's better than nothing. They need to add whitelists and scheduled enable and disable.

EzCo is, of course, 100% right.

What do you readers think?

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  • Its cheap so

    Why would you expect all the features you might pay a AT&T-Verizon or any of the so-called monoplies...For $14.95 i can do my own blocking...jeez
    • Need to look again

      Last time I looked Vonage had a better feature set than any of the telcos, certainly better than Verizon. Selective call blocking is currently missing from Vonage's features and will be a welcome addition.
  • the telco's hate call blocking

    The telco's hate this feature because you can finally put a stop, once and for all, to the bill collectors calling you every hour on the hour, people calling for a bullshit survey, ex's hassling their ex's, not to mention all the garbage the politicians dish out come election time...

    IMHO, selective call blocking should be a standard part of every phone package, the technology has been there for years...
  • ZDNet censoring comments?

    I just noticed that ZDNet automatically censored out the word bull%$it, so much for freedom of speech here...
  • Asterisk

    I had to interface an Asterisk (using PBX in a Flash)
    to get the features that SHOULD be included on Vonage.
  • RE: Vonage users ask: how about Selective Call Block?

    They really should include that feature. Sunrocket had it and it worked wonderfully. If Sunrocket could do it then how come Vonage cannot.
  • PhoneTrayFree is a great tool

    On their forums PhoneTrayFee is discussed. It's too cool, too easy to use and free. The two catches with it are that your computer has to have a (1) fax/data/VOICE modem and (2) have Caller ID (CID). For numbers that you don't want to hear from you can select from different responses including the generic "do-do-do 'We are sorry the number you have reached has been disconnected'". The beauty of this is that with those tones, it tells the machines that the number is disconnected so you won't hear from them again.

    Those UnLike me who shut down their computer may not fully utilize the software though. Oh yeah, I love the feature that allows it to show the name and number that is calling on your computer screem. If you want to change the name from Smith, John... It can be done too easily.
  • RE: Vonage users ask: how about Selective Call Block?

    I've been asking Vonage for this feature for years and they still won't do it. It is the main reason I am about 95% decided to move to Ooma in the next few months.
  • No need to settle............

    I'm with nashjar, this is ridiculous that selective call blocking isn't available to Vonage customers (even for a fee)!! After being with Vonage for years, I'm totally disgusted and disappointed in their complete apathy towards their customers' preferences. Well -guess what? They're not the only game in town any more. So they'd better get smart or get left behind. And "gdude", in case you haven't noticed, technology is moving at the speed of light these days, and so is the market. If Vonage won't offer this feature,
    someone else will.