57% of US teens have a short attention span

57% of US teens have a short attention span

Summary: TeensParentsHave a short attention span57%53%Communicate well5136Present ideas clearly4534Be creative4336Write too fast and be careless4341Use poor spelling and grammar3830Take short cuts and not put effortinto writing3735Write better because they canrevise and edit easily3017Source: Pew Internet Project

TOPICS: Tech Industry
Teens Parents
Have a short attention span 57% 53%
Communicate well 51 36
Present ideas clearly 45 34
Be creative 43 36
Write too fast and be careless 43 41
Use poor spelling and grammar 38 30
Take short cuts and not put effort
into writing
37 35
Write better because they can
revise and edit easily
30 17
Source: Pew Internet Project

Topic: Tech Industry

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  • poorly labeled headers

    If you go into the article, you will find the column headers more explicitly labeled.

    Parents(responding about their children)
    Teens(responding about students in general)
  • RE: 57% of US teens have a short attention span

    Extremely misleading headline & poorly presented table! The actual heading of the data in the table you presented above is :
    Teen Views: How Computers Impact Writing
    The question asked was:
    Do you think using a computer for writing makes students more or less likely to???
    The choices given were: More Likely, Less Likely, Makes no Difference. The data you've presented is the for Makes no Difference.
    • RE: 57% of US teens have a short attention span

      I guess we know who set up this table then, don't we.......

      And I'm sure one would get a response back such as, "It's no big deal. It's not like it's something critical." And it still won't get fixed.

      "A former member of the younger generation, now over the hill"
  • Why...

    ...is this headline news? There's aren't many teenagers I have ever met or ever known (including my peers o so long ago) who have a long attention span.