61.44% of P2P traffic is video, 11.34% is audio

61.44% of P2P traffic is video, 11.34% is audio

Summary: CacheLogic conducted direct packet monitoring of Internet backbones and ISPs data streams via Layer 7 packet analysis. 61.


CacheLogic conducted direct packet monitoring of Internet backbones and ISPs data streams via Layer 7 packet analysis. 61.44% of current peer-to-peer traffic is video, 11.34% is audio, 27.22% belongs to other category. On a global scale, 46% of P2P traffic is video in Microsoft formats. 65% of all audio files by volume of traffic are still traded in the MP3 format, but a surprising 12.3% are in the open-source OGG file format (almost all of which are exclusively traded on the BitTorrent network, particularly in Asia).

Topic: Legal

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  • What are the RIAA whining about again?

    If you ask me, overpriced music that's as inventive as that lego brick building I built 25 years ago based on what it looked like on the box cover is why nobody buys. Music by numbers. That isn't creativity. It's pablum. Mind you, I do one better and not bother listening - after all, it's all manufactured mindrot anyway.

    And as for video... well, TV (FWIW and that's not much) is free as it's paid for by sponsors hawking their products at hypnotized consumers who merrily buy it (and, of course, if I buy Velveeta part of its cost goes into Kraft putting up silly adverts for who knows how many advertised products for shows I'd likely not care for or despise.) But I digress; TV is free, we've all paid into it whether we like it or not, so that is a non-issue. Or ought to be.

    As for movies, mannequins with no talent whatsoever get more and more money just to stand and smile wearing fancy clothes while wearing sunglasses to compensate for, amongst other small things, their small egos. In order to compensate for their increased fees, theatres have to charge more for everything, never mind going into a theatre and sitting through 10 minutes of expensive car, cheap booze, and siren-sung credit card adverts that say you can have all the cars, booze, and people you could ever want and more... (and that can get a person into a vicious circle that all three companies would absolutely love)... and then you sit through the movie with lots of crying booger machines and as you're watching you realize that the 100 minutes you're sitting through is polished underachieving and/or revisionist drivel...

    So no wonder pirates will download "Dukes of hazard" (amongst other things, some of which are sadly almost creative but even then it's all formulaic anyway), cheap old-tv-into-big-movie flicks are utterly worthless (of course, that also says a lot about the people wasting the bandwidth in order to watch them anyway...) In short there's no creativity, it's all style over substance, the cause of prices being so unreachable are the whiney actors demanding too much money for too little effort, and movie makers who lost their souls and inventiveness a LONG TIME AGO.

    Yeah, it's still wrong to download movies and all that; no argument there and I gave up on that waste of an activity a long time ago... and I still bought anyway! But when the supply side becomes as sleazy, cheap, and/or degenerate as those they accuse of being sleazy, cheap, or degenerate then I stop caring for the supply side. You're the lot in power and all you do is go for fast money. Quality, intellectual intrigue, and care died a long time ago, in lieu of glossy appearances and emotive blathering... and don't get me started on those so-called "bio-pics"... I think people should merely not be tempted and not watch or listen to the crap at all. That way, as sales continue to plummet, those doorknobs can't scapegoat P2P folks and subsequently attempt to overturn just "fair use" laws and turn our world into a fascist state for their personal coffers.