Top brands who paid for product placement in 2007

Top brands who paid for product placement in 2007

Summary: Brand# of occurrencesOrange County Choppers Apparel8,030Oakley Sunglasses7,852Orange County Choppers Motorcycles5,876Airgas Industrial Supplier2,998Protective Products Firearm Access2,643Nike Apparel2,634Galpin Auto Spor-Vehicle Cutomizing2,080Deville Apparel1,949Sky Sport & Spa Medical Services1,945New York Yankees Baseball Team1,914Total37,933Source: Nielsen

TOPICS: Telcos
Brand # of occurrences
Orange County Choppers Apparel 8,030
Oakley Sunglasses 7,852
Orange County Choppers Motorcycles 5,876
Airgas Industrial Supplier 2,998
Protective Products Firearm Access 2,643
Nike Apparel 2,634
Galpin Auto Spor-Vehicle Cutomizing 2,080
Deville Apparel 1,949
Sky Sport & Spa Medical Services 1,945
New York Yankees Baseball Team 1,914
Total 37,933

Source: Nielsen

Topic: Telcos

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