What TV shows Americans watched online in December 2008

What TV shows Americans watched online in December 2008

Summary: ProgramNetworkUnique Viewers (000)LostABC.com1,425Saturday Night LiveNBC.com1,111Grey’s AnatomyABC.com879Desperate HousewivesABC.com723HeroesNBC.com685Ugly BettyABC.com631Samantha Who?ABC.com560ScrubsABC.com519SurvivorCBS Television496True BeautyABC.com462Source: Nielsen


Program Network Unique Viewers (000)
Lost ABC.com 1,425
Saturday Night Live NBC.com 1,111
Grey’s Anatomy ABC.com 879
Desperate Housewives ABC.com 723
Heroes NBC.com 685
Ugly Betty ABC.com 631
Samantha Who? ABC.com 560
Scrubs ABC.com 519
Survivor CBS Television 496
True Beauty ABC.com 462
Source: Nielsen

Topics: Networking, Hardware, Mobility

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  • Why dont we just bite the bullet and convert tv and sat to internet?

    Then we just stream everything. Watch whatever show you want when you want... yes they can drop ads in. I know it screws local providers.. but if they dont already provide internet, they were on their way out anyhow.