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Nick Carr's Big Switch

Nicholas Carr, amongst the most incisive and profound critic of information technology, will be in Silicon Valley tonight (7.00 pm), at Campbell's Barnes and Noble bookstore in conversation with ZDNet honcho Dan Farber, Edgeio co-founder/CEO Keith Teare, and Gillmor Gang ringleader & Podtech exec Steve Gillmor, and me.

January 11, 2010 by Andrew Keen


Don't Look Back

How to innovate? That was both the spoken and unspoken question on everyone's minds at the Wall Street Journal's memorable D Conference this week in Carlsbad. How can we radically improve the experience and value of interacting with one's digital device? What is the next chapter in the evolution of information and entertainment technology?

June 3, 2007 by Andrew Keen


Outsourcing The News

The San Francisco Chronicle has just announced a 25% cut in its editorial team. Will that mean 25% less news in the already hard news deprived Chronicle?

May 22, 2007 by Andrew Keen


Bubbe is back

So there I was, on the BART train, reading the newspaper-that-Rupert-is-lusting-after. I'd just finished Mossberg's piece of hot air on the Helio (yawn). Then my eye caught the photograph in the center of the page. It was the latest pin-up for alter-kucker media.

May 10, 2007 by Andrew Keen


Buy Microsoft, buy Yahoo!

Are Yahoo and Microsoft finished as Internet companies? Can they rebound? Of course they can. In contrast with the majority of Web 2.0 entrepreneurs, both Microsoft and Yahoo have innovation in the blood. They are still the future of the Internet.

May 6, 2007 by Andrew Keen


Virtual reality in Hollywood

On Hollywood is getting weirder by the panel. First there was golden girl Arianna and her colonialization of the media universe. Then I wandered into a panel ominously entitled "What's in store for Virtual Worlds?"

May 2, 2007 by Andrew Keen


Arianna is golden

It takes a golden woman to get me out of bed at 5.00 am. And Arianna Huffington is golden, very golden. I caught the 6.30 shuttle this morning down to Burbank, to catch the golden girl live -- speaking at On Hollywood. She didn't disappoint. Dressed in a gold top, the golden haired Arianna glowed this morning in Hollywood.

May 2, 2007 by Andrew Keen


Zigger nation

Business 2.0 dedicates it's May 2007 issue to purveyors of unconventional business wisdom. But what happens when every entrepreneur is seeking to be a contrarian?

May 1, 2007 by Andrew Keen