The future of media

The future of media

Summary: What is the future of media? Tony Kearn, managing principal for media and entertainment at Deloitte knows. Listen to his interview with Andrew Keen.

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What is the future of media?

Tony Kern knows. Kern, the managing principal for media and entertainment at Deloitte, has just published a survey about the future of media. The core of Deloitte's survey is a break down of media habits in four broad age groups in order to determine a more accurate picture of current consumption patterns:

1) Millenials (13-24)

2) Generation X (25-41)

3) Boomers (42-60)

4) Matures (61-75) 

I talked to Kern yesterday to get an overview of the Deloitte survey. And anyone who wants to know the future of magazines, newspapers, music and television is strongly advised to listen to my conversation with him. Kern has some really surprising things to say, particularly about the robust future of magazines and tv and what he calls "the unlimited channel universe."

For anyone who wants to contact Tony to talk more about Deloitte's survey, he can reached at


Topic: Tech Industry

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  • great interivew

    Great interview. Really interesting. How do we get hold of the report?
    Andrew Keen