Apple pulls plug on iCloud push email in Motorola patent dispute

Apple pulls plug on iCloud push email in Motorola patent dispute

Summary: Apple has been hit with an injunction against iCloud and MobileMe push email in Germany, after it lost a case against Motorola Mobility over an old pager patent.


Apple said it has suspended push email through iCloud and MobileMe for users in Germany thanks to a Motorola-brought lawsuit, which came into force overnight.

"Due to recent patent litigation by Motorola Mobility, iCloud and MobileMe users are currently unable to have iCloud and MobileMe email pushed to their iOS devices while located within the borders of Germany," the company said on a support page.

But the Cupertino-based giant is playing down the ruling, saying that it "only impacts customers in Germany who use a Push setting to get their MobileMe and iCloud email."

Apple noted that it believes the patent in question is "invalid" and will appeal the decision.

Users with iCloud or MobileMe email push turned on will have to 'fetch' the data manually, or per a timed schedule.

FOSS Patents author Florian Mueller said that it is likely Motorola Mobility sent Apple an enforcement letter to demand compliance with the patent injunction. While the injunction can be appealed, the disruption has already begun, with many taking to old favourite Twitter to complain.

Earlier this month, Motorola won an injunction against iCloud and its predecessor MobileMe after the fruit themed company lost on two counts in a patent dispute in court. The European-held patent was filed in the days of pagers, but it also applies to email-push, according to Motorola and the courts.

In a similar case coincidentally on the same day, it also pulled most of its iPhone and iPad devices from its online stores in Germany, leaving only the iPad 2 Wi-Fi only model on its virtual shelves. Apple was granted a temporary suspension of the injunction, allowing the devices to go back on sale the same day.

Image source: Apple/ZDNet.


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  • time for apple to taste its own medicine

    the real IP thief is apple and it's time for them to pay the piper and stop stifling innovation.
    The Linux Geek
    • but to patent a square is innovation

      agree.. the innovation apple claims is to patent geometrical shapes.. can those be patented?
      • Get a Life!

        Why is it that some people live just to see the leader fall from grace?
      • Speaking of squares

        why are you ihaters so locked onto the whole "Apple is patenting a rectangle" thing? Apple did [i]not[/i] patent the rectangle or even just a "rectangular tablet" but patented the [i]entire[/i] look of the iPad - which was the basis for the suit against Samsung over the Galaxy Tab 10.
    • I see the new talkback system is working just fine

      I actually had to click the "show anyway" link to this post because 6... well now 7 users feel this adds nothing to the discussion. Way to test out this functionality of the new talkback system Linux Geek and I look forward to not seeing your posts in the future.
      • You are right, they patented a rectangular object with rounded corners

        The thing is, in Apples brief they changed the Samsung to make it the same size as the iPad (which changes the aspect ratio) AND removed the Samsung name.

        I sure hope Apple doesn't make a TV - next thing you know, no more black TVs with rounded edges.
  • iCloud is a joke anyway

    I like Apple products but I tend to stay away from Apple's value added services.
    Their is a whole other world of better services then what Apple provides and they support cross platforms much better then Apple trying to lock you into theirs.
    • While I like the idea of iCloud

      I find I use Google Music more and can access it with both my Samsung Fascinate and my iPhone 4.
  • Out of hand

    This whole patent mess is out of hand. The only ones that this is hurting is us (the consumer). The lawyers make out like bandits here.
  • crazy

    While i'm not a fan of injunctions...I think this is necessary. The pending US version of this case will most likely force apple into cross licensing deals. That or hurt the "user experience" they are always preaching about. Of course, they could always pay royalties and not cross license. However, this is only the first win for android makers. Others will follow and ultimately end in several different royalty payment to several people. Apple made the mistake of showing up in an existing market and trying to bully the whole market. Apple will always have its devoted followers so court cases of the volume apple is filing is really unneeded. Especially with all of these trivial cases. This needs to stop and the best way that is going to happen is to back apple into a corner. Apple is hell bent on destroying the competition's innovation whereas the other manufacturers are becoming hell bent on stopping apple's lawyers.
  • This is stupid.

    Why don't we just stop with all of these lawsuits? They never amount to much, and only hurt the customer.
    Michael Alan Goff
    • Bad for us but more for mac!

      Real patent war has begun! Go for it Google!
      • Is it really worse for them?

        They'll just fire back with more pointless lawsuits and we'll have lots of $$$ that could be used on research being used for lawsuits. We lose.
        Michael Alan Goff