Chrome was world's top browser -- for a day

Chrome was world's top browser -- for a day

Summary: Google's browser, despite being penalised for 60 days for a recent paid-links scandal, was the world's number one browser -- albeit, for a day over the weekend.


Google's Chrome browser was the world's most used browser --- for one single day over the weekend. It reached 32.7 percent of the global rankings on March 18.

Internet Explorer was relegated to second place with 32.5 percent, while Firefox a distant third place at 24.8 percent.

But it was short lived, as the divide between home and work pushed out Chrome back behind Internet Explorer, as the world returned to work where the Microsoft browser still remains the number one choice for browsing and web application use.

From Monday morning, Chrome dropped behind by 5 percentage points.

While it may be just for one day, it's nevertheless a significant milestone for Google. It comes just over two months since Google penalised itself in its Chrome search rankings for 60 days after it became involved in an advertising campaign that paid for links to increase its search ranking.

StatCounter measures its rankings on data from visits to 3 million websites, totalling 15 billion page views per month. It's not the most accurate method of gauging a browser's rankings, but it does give at least some indication of where the market share is swaying towards.

While emerging markets, such as India, Russia, and Brazil, helped propel Chrome to its top spot for one day, many developed regions are the ones lagging behind in the move from Internet Explorer to Chrome. China remains hooked on a 76 percent share in Internet Explorer, and the United States at 38 percent, while Germany is holding onto a massive 50 percent Firefox share, with Internet Explorer on less than half that.

The trend towards using Chrome at home during weekends is undeniable. But if Firefox, as the once favoured open-source alternative to Internet Explorer, wants to maintain its lead in Europe, it has to fend off Chrome.

In Europe, Firefox remains in the lead at 30.6 percent, while Chrome has been rapidly rising over the past year. It currently stands just behind at 30 percent, with Internet Explorer long in the distance at 27.8 percent.

It's fair to say that in Europe at least, it's a two-horse race between Chrome and Firefox.

Image credit: StatCounter.


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  • what's the trend?

    As tablets and MacBook Pros become more prevalent and corp IT departments support external devices (read: BYOD), expect IE's share to continue to drop.
  • XP factor

    Chrome is popular because of XP and IE 9 doesn't run on XP. With Win 8 and IE10 launching this year-end, chrome is not going to go up, but only downwards.
    • IF

      Figures above are for all verions of IE. I doubt many XP users who use Chrome do so because they can't run IE 9. They're running Chrome because the don't want to run IE, period.

      Also, with Google testing a full fledged version of Chrome for Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS devices, Chrome's market share has nowhere else to go but up, up, up....
      • Yeah right!

        and you know this how?!

        Your comment, while very enthusiastic is just an assumption.
    • Go to the site yourself

      It's free. Put in the date. You can even download a CSV file.


      The figures are for IE all versions owllnet & robomatic.

      Check your facts before making yourselves look silly on a world forum.
      • Neat!

        I like how your numbers run contrary to everyone else IN THE WORLD!
        William Farrel
    • Yeah, right, a ha.... of course!

      Oh, I didn't know that IE10 and Windows 8 will run on those Windows XP machines and replaces them.

      Have you thought that people have MOVED away from IE at the first place? They like its speed, security and intuitive usability and IE10 will not compete with those merits.
      Even worse, now IE is fragmented to IE Desktop and Metro versions and the Metro version is just so horrible.
  • Goodbye IE!

    Great news. Nothing can stop IE's chronic bleeding market share, and the Web will be a better place because of it. IE possibly slowed down innovation on the Web for a decade. Even Microsoft is halfway admitting it.
    • Must be right

      "IE possibly slowed down innovation on the Web for a decade."
      Did it? Like by what? By inventing and/or introducing CSS, DHTML, SSL, inline multimedia, inline frames, AJAX (XMLHttpRequest), anti-phishing filter, hardware accelerated graphics, tracking protection? You want to say that the web would be a better place today if we still wouldn't have those technologies available on it? Or aren't you just aware of the most basic facts of web history?
      • There was once a company called Netscape.

        Netscape is a great company, many web technologies were first introduced by Netscape - javascript, cookies, ssl - this is just what I know.
        XMLHttpRequest is indeed first introduced by MS, but it is not popularized until Firefox and other web browsers support it.

        IE7 was released after 5 years after MS beat Netscape due to MS's misuse of its monopoly of OS, IE7 was released because of the competition from Firefox.
  • stand behind chrome

    I believe one day chrome will pass IE thoroughly.Chrome is NO.1 when it comes to the speed. I use chrome mainly for its fast speed.Actually I don't like the simple appearance.I prefer some useful build-in features and buttons just like what Avant browser and maxthon do.
  • Never liked Chrome

    I used FF for a while but went back to IE when it released IE9... IE just feels better for me..
  • Chrome is overhyped

    You still can't choose your own fonts and have them as the same for all webpages like Firefox can, so Chrome still sucks. Sorry, Google, you still lose here.
    D.J. 43
  • Big Brother is watching

    Ergo ET phone Home! Google is snoop ware etal. I've made it a point to have "EL NOTHING" that in any way, shape or form has ANYTHING that even hints to it's root as being Google.
    Why not give the FBI and the CIA your login info? With Google on your machine you might as well have because whats yours is Google. It data mines your box!