Europe to decide Google, Motorola fate by February 13

Europe to decide Google, Motorola fate by February 13

Summary: European competition regulators have until February 13th to decide on whether Google should acquire the smartphone maker Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion.


European regulators are set to decide the fate of Google's $12.5 billion acquisition of Motorola Mobility in the coming month.

A new deadline of February 13th was set on a decision which would decide whether the search giant should take over the U.S. smartphone maker, after new documents were presented to support its case.

The European Commission suspended its review into Google and Motorola Mobility last month after more documents were needed as part of the ongoing review.

Google brushed off concerns that the Commission's suspended review meant that the deal could fall through. "We’re confident the Commission will conclude that this acquisition is good for competition and we’ll be working closely and cooperatively with them as they continue their review," a statement read.

The search giant and Android mobile operating system maker seeks to acquire Motorola Mobility for its 17,000 patents in a bid to protest its mobile interests. By bolstering its patent position, it allows Google to fend off legal disputes from its rivals.

The Commission published a notification last month in the European Law Journal, "inviting interested third parties" to submit their "comments and observations" on how its regulators should proceed; effectively asking those who may be affected by the deal to come forward.

While the U.S. Justice Dept. continues to assess Google's acquision, it has not yet publicly stated its position on the proposed merger. The government agency still has the opportunity to block a merger from going ahead.

Should the European regulators decide that the acquisition would be harmful to competition, U.S. regulators would all but certainly follow suit.


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  • the EC must approve it

    to encourage real competition.
    The Linux Geek
  • RE: Europe to decide Google, Motorola fate by February 13

    The EU exists not to level any 'global' playing field, but to reap benefits from external sources that it cannot compete with. This has been witnessed with just about every technological advance outside it's own borders. Global extortion in exchange for sales within it's borders.<br><br>Seriously, if you can't compete, admit it. Taxation is their preferred method of competition.

    Simply boycott them for 6 to 8 months... They'll come crawling back to what capitilistic society affords best, money paid for money earned.