Cellphone vs. sex: the latest dilemma

Cellphone vs. sex: the latest dilemma

Summary: Which is more important: An incoming cellphone call, or live action activity?

TOPICS: Telcos

DMM82606CP.jpgIn "Over-thinking Blackberries, Treos and the like" yesterday, fellow ZDNet blogger Dan Farber reflected on the "handwringing over whether always-on connectivity is harmful" to the work/life balance.

Reports are surfacing that persistent connectivity may be harmful to one's social life of an intimate nature as well.

Dan Schulman, CEO of cell operator Virgin Mobile, says "one in five will interrupt sex to answer their phone." Schulman discussed the influence of cellphones on one's sex life at an "intense 25-person seminar on "The Mobile Generation" at the Aspen Institute in August," according to a Fortune story:

Much of the discussion focused on how quickly young people worldwide are migrating to mobile communications and integrating them into their lives.

'People leave a movie and text each other, and then text each other again before they go to sleep,' said Jerry Murdock, a venture capitalist with Insight Venture Partners. 'This is something new - maintaining an ongoing dialogue with someone wherever you are.' He says we are entering an era of what he calls 'co-presence.'

Fellow ZDNet blogger Esther Dyson also talked about how mobile applications "foster interaction among people," but signaled risks when devices "are present almost all the time":

I worry about something I call Mental Diabetes Type 2 - a lack of ability to think deeply and in a concentrated fashion over a period of time. We're getting a diet of empty information calories that's over-processed, over-sugared, too bite-sized and way too appealing.

For Virgin Mobile, however, lack of concentration on the task at hand, even if the task happens to be of the sexual kind, may not be a bad thing. Not only is the company "Virgin," its business model thrives on increased cellphone usage.

As a society, however, we will continue to grapple with the question:

Which takes precedence: an incoming cellphone call, or live action activity?

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Topic: Telcos

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  • Not even a question...

    Anyone who answers a cell phone during sex needs their head examined...
    • Or maybe needs a more skilled partner

      One with whom no interruption is welcome.
    • Yeah, and a good reason for divorce too.

      Reckon so. And besides, it's a good reason for divorce too.
    • Yes...

      BOTH heads, not just the one between one's shoulders....
  • An even bigger question that needs to be answered...

    Do you know how to use the OFF switch on your device?

    Maybe that question should be...

    Can you even find the OFF switch on your device?
    Mr. Roboto
    • Obviosly not. ...Poor miserable sexless, brainless things.

      Obviously not. ...Not to metion the lack of sex drive combined with a room-temperature IQ.

      Poor miserable sexless, brainless things, we really should feel sorry for them.
  • Voicemail Anyone?

    Voicemail isn't just for when you have no signal. If the phone rings while I'm grocery shopping (for example) I'll look to see who's calling, then silence the ringer and put the phone back in its clip, and call the person back when I get home. I'm amazed by how many people are surprised that I don't always answer the phone instantly.
    "Where were you?"
    "Did you forget your phone at home?"
    "Then why didn't you answer?"
    "Because I was <i>shopping</i>. I was <i>busy</i>."

    But then again, I was a fairly early adopter of the consumer answering machine. But not of the pager.
    • Voice Mail

      Its junk. The cell phone carriers use up you minuts with all there talk before you can say anything."Person is not avaible to take your call" To page this persom press 5 now. at the sound of the tone leaves your message and then on and on.Bunch of hog was to use up your minutes.
      Larry (aka CBTaters)
  • live action

    About 30 years ago I was amazed that I was talking to my landlord and he ignored a phone call to continue our conversation. Even after I asked, "Don't you need to get that?" "No, why should I interrupt a conversation with a person to talk to a machine?"

    I've never forgotten how important that made me feel and I don't even have call waiting on my phone now. If I'm in a conversation, it is more important than an incoming call. The voice mail can deal with it and if its an important call, I'll get back to them. My friends know this, because tey've experienced it themselves. They like it, even if they aren't disciplined to do it in their life.

    What really pisses in my Cheerios is when I'm visiting someone, they take a call and then put that one on hold to take a third. Our conversation invariably starts back up with them saying, "Now, what were we talking about?"

    Nothing important I guess.
    • Put it on vibrate

      Of course, you could always just put the phone on vibrate. If someone calls it could just add to the moment.

      Just my dirty mind finding new ways to ignore my cell phone.
      • Great idea...

        Cybersex without a computer... I just call you and you set your phone on vibrate and...


      • Nuh! Instead, use a real human--much better.

        Nuh! Instead, use a real human--it's much better.

        ...And besides, if you get interrupted more than once by your cell phone whilst having sex then stick it in the microwave (only 3 or 4 seconds is plenty), or under your rear tyre whilst backing out.

        You'll find its loss much cheaper than the divorce settlement.
      • Dammm Goood Idea..!!!!

        Why waste some good vibrations....right???
        To Blazes with the "Verbiage".
    • calll waiting etc.

      Inregards to ZClatons statement as to now where were we.That shows me what I always exspected. The person mind was some where else during the conversation. Keep it up Clayton you are on track.
      Larry (aka) CBTaters)
    • Cell Phone Action

      Since I don't eat Cheereos I guess I gotta get pi**ed elsewhere. And that is the person who yaks on the cell phone while driving and running into me. And it is against the law here in Canada unless you are using hands free. Me I use a passenger to answer/make the call or use my hands free headset. Her call cost me $1,500.00 because it was in a huge parking lot even. And the police are far too lazy to ticket these people. I thimk the fine should be as big or bigger when one is caught without a seatbelt on. Thes cell phone yakking drives are a real danger.
  • Lack of etiquette...

    If you allow the interruption of an intimate moment to answer your phone, you better be a doctor, rescuer, police, or somebody in charge of national security, because you are being very rude to your partner.

    Of course, if both partners do the same and don't mind, well... good for you.


    • or lack of importance

      Whilst I absolutely agree with you, I wonder if sometimes people believe that answering their phone immediately, whatever their circumstances, makes them FEEL important.

      I prefer to be paid when I'm on call, so I don't act as if I am when I'm not. I heartily recommend it.

    • Absolutely correct.

      Absolutely correct!

      If you're not and you do then you'd better seek professional help before your relationship breaks up.

      Seriously, you've really got a problem.
  • Cellphone vs. sex

    I think it is one of the most humiliating things that can happen to one if during a face to face discussion the one to whom one is speaking breaks off to answer a phone call.
    My normal reaction is to leave with the words 'I will phone you'
    • All-Around Rudeness

      I see two sources of rudeness:

      People who think they must pick up every phone call at the moment of the call, regardless of whatever else they're doing;

      People who think that the call they're making must be answered at the moment they're calling because the callers "don't like leaving messages."

      It seems to be an all-around rudeness borne of impatience.

      If you follow that logic to its conclusion, it means that the convenience of each and every individual is more important than anyone else's.

      Which is a logically absurd selfishness that has spoiled American culture.