Craigslist vs. Monster vs. CareerBuilder

Craigslist vs. Monster vs. CareerBuilder

Summary: Where do you look for a job?

TOPICS: IT Employment

Who says craigslist does not know a thing about economic competition? 

Craigslist recently risked the ire of its user base by instituting certain posting fees in limited commercial instances. Craigslist is letting the “community” know, however, that it is getting its money’s worth at craigslist.

Below is the craiglsist jobs board value proposition case put forth by craigslist, at craigslist.

According to craigslist, a job posting at craigslist costs $75 in San Francisco, $25 in five major cities and is free in all other cities, while job postings at CareerBuilder and Monster cost $359 and $395, respectively. 

Craigslist puts forth traffic data showing a trouncing of Monster and CareerBuilder and competitive conversion ratios.
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Topic: IT Employment

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  • you get what you pay for ...

    Free as far as Web 2.0 is concerned is a great thing but in some areas you only get what you pay for - this is one of them.

    Have you actually tried find a quality job on Craiglist? ... Give it a go ...
  • RE: Craigslist vs. Monster vs. CareerBuilder

    Would you rather spend your time sifting through resumes of unqualified candidates or qualified candidates. Monster has the market of qualified seekers that I am willing to spend the money to get. you get what you pay for. I am spending my money with a publicly traded company, you should too!
    • in response to "you get what you pay for":

      This article has nothing to do with searching for resumes. It is about job posting costs. I agree, money is better spent on access to Monster or CareerBuilder's resume database, but concerning cost-to-value for job postings spend, Craigslist may be the winner.
  • RE: Craigslist vs. Monster vs. CareerBuilder

    See I like much better than monster or craigslist because you can see jobs from every website and every employer website. Plus Monster just shows you jobs that employers pay to post, and since there is a recesssion, most employers are not paying to post jobs anywhere, and would instead opt for an agency. However with free job posting on they're the smarter choice.