Google Dance: Fun at the Googleplex

Google Dance: Fun at the Googleplex

Summary: "Google Labs," party version!

TOPICS: Google

DMM8806GD.jpgMore than 2000 search enthusiasts converged on the Googleplex tonight to “party the night away at the Google Dance.“

Google hosted the extravaganza in honor of the Search Engine Strategies Conference San Jose attendees.

We were welcomed to the Googleplex “Club Med” style: teams of Googlers lined the entrance stairway singing a Google greeting and offering souvenir Google tee shirts.

This year’s party theme: “Google Labs.” Googlers in lab coats at “Meet the Engineers” sessions mingled with guests and offered one-on-one insight into the workings of Google Search, Checkout, AdSense, Usability…

Throughout the vast open-air complex, party goers battled it out robotics style, “Fighting Robots for Fun”: Kung-Fu Androids, Small Combat Robots, Soccer Androids...

A brave Googler got himself soaked at the “Dunk the Google Guy” booth.

A team of six Google DJs got guests on the Club G dance floor, while teams of guests entertained fellow party goers virtual karaoke style.

Food and drink was abundant: wine, beer, burgers, make-your-own nachos, cheese and crackers, salads, create-your-own sundae bar…

A good time was had by all!


Topic: Google

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  • Photos of the Google Dance

    For some photos of what went on at the dance check out

    The one showing the Google Guy just after he was dunked will bring a smile to your face. Although, it didn't bring one to his.