Google: John McCain's secret campaign weapon

Google: John McCain's secret campaign weapon

Summary: Google: John McCain’s Secret Campaign Weapon

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Digital Markets Blog presidential campaign 2008 special series on what I am calling “User Generated Politics”

dm52207jm.jpgJohn McCain succumbed to the “ultimate job interview for the top job in the U.S.” earlier this month in his pilgrimage to the Googleplex.

While McCain is no stranger to cross-fire, verbal or otherwise, even he experienced some Googley “shock and awe” at the hands of the “infamous” Google interview.

In response to a Googler question about immigration laws, McCain got his biggest round of applause of his "job interview" at Google:

"If Google is going to be able to maintain its supremacy in the world, it is going to have to continue to get the best and the brightest from all over the world, and I accept with your gigantic egos, that you are the best…we need an H1B visa program that works."

In receiving McCain at the Googleplex, CEO Eric Schmidt welcomed not only a dedicated public servant and prospective future president of the United States, but a dedicated AdWords client, to boot!

Google sweet talks its way to political power I reported and analyzed the “Sponsored by Google” Personal Democracy Forum in downtown Manhattan last Friday, underscoring that Google scored big in its sponsorship investment.

Google CEO Eric Schmidt headlined the Forum his company sponsored.

SEE Google CEO Schmidt on ‘Personal Democracy’: Up For Sale

AND the "Political Money Online: Getting It and Spending It More Effectively" panel was 50% Googley goodness featuring Kim Malone, director of AdSense online sales and operations, and Rebecca Donatelli, partner in Connell Donatelli.

First up for the Google team: Malone.

The top AdSense spokesperson began with reassuring online political advertising advice: “Invite, don’t intrude.” How so? Sell your candidate, like selling a Proctor & Gamble product, she suggested!

What’s more, packaging a presidential candidate with Google AdSense packaging can be had for “a surprisingly small sum of money," Malone promised. Who needs dead tree media at $24 CPM when Googley media can be had for a mere $2 CPM?

Malone happily proclaimed the Google brand of “campaign finance reform.”

AND, Google AdSense “has more voters,” to boot!”: Number one ad network with 154 MM unique visitors.

In sum, “everyday is the Super Bowl” with the Google AdSense network.

Who can argue? Certainly not Donatelli of Connell Donatelli, interactive advisor to McCain ’08.

Donatelli was effusive in her support for Google, paid Google advertising campaigns on behalf of political candidates that is.

Text, banners, video ads, she does them all within the Google network on behalf of John McCain, bigtime:

2500 keywords; 100 text ads; 50 banner ads; 5 video ads.

Donatelli’s ode to Google’s Internet was Googley music to Malone’s ears:

The Internet is the most cost effective way to raise money, search engine marketing is the most cost effective within the Internet, paid search converts twice as well as organic search and Google is the place to be because that is where the users are.

How effective? McCain campaign stats presented:

For every $4 raised, only $1 spent, Average size of gift $189, Email and cost per donor acquisition $8.

If McCain is invited back to the Googleplex, he will have his own Google “war” stories!

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Topic: Google

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  • yep, definitely evil

    Thank you for exposing more evils of McCain and Google.