Google June 28: Countdown to GBuy revolution, or to latest Google test, beta, invite...

Google June 28: Countdown to GBuy revolution, or to latest Google test, beta, invite...

Summary: Grandiose projections were made for a host of recent Google “killer

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One Canadian company’s stock analyst outperform call on Google, supported by a “revolutionary” assessment of a so far non-existent, but long rumored, Google online payment system, aka eBay PayPal “killer,” has sparked another round of Google prognostics with talk of Google “brilliance” and its “game-changer” moves.

Similar projections were made for a host of recent Google “killer” product launches including Google Base, or Craigslist killer, and Google Spreadsheets, or Microsoft Excel killer. Sometimes, pictures are worth a thousand words:


Google Spreadsheet, limited test by invite
(invite on sale for $0.99 at eBay)


Microsoft Excel, used by millions world wide, now $229


Google Base Beta (?)


Craigslist, 200 cities worldwide, 10 million unique visitors monthly


Will the Google online payment system be a category "killer"? Join the conversation: "Talk Back" below to share your thoughts.

Topic: Google

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  • Must win over the merchants, not an easy sell.

    Many, many merchants have been badly burned with on line pay systems (PayPal) and aren't jumping through hoops to try it again. Google will have to convince merchants they won't pull the crap PayPal has in the past if they hope to make this fly. I think that is going to be tough...
    • What happened with PayPal?

      I guess I must've missed the news - what happened with PayPal that burned a lot of businesses?
  • What about Eastern Europe?

    Questuion is :
    Would Gbuy working with Eastern Europe, Arabian and China?
    Hope, it would.
    Powerpoint Backgrounds
  • Kudos to Google w/ a set of large ones...

    to take on Paypal. I've used it for years and it's a great way to pay for things on Ebay. Never has caught on as a way to pay for anything...anywhere.

    Maybe Gbuy will bring payment systems out into the sunlight, especially if it's going to be cheaper. One problem, though: Now, when I want to send someone money, I will have to say, "Let me GBuy you." It doesn't lend itself to being a verb very well.
  • Does it fit into Google's mission?

    Google mission is to make all of the world's information accessible and organized. So would GBuy take them off on a tangent?

    All of their products revolve around helping people find and organize information (Google Base and the spreadsheets included). And Adsense/Adwords fits into this nicely as it also delivers targeted and helpful information to the users.
    But an order processing solution has nothing to do with the mission. I admit that it compliments Adsense/Adwords. But it is something that could be (and has been) done by a third party.

    I love Google, but aren't they just using their size and popularity to muscle their way into unrelated fields?

    Let me know what you think
  • GBuy has my vote

    As a longtime eBay user (and one of the original Paypal users) I would offer GBuy on my auctions in a snap! Ebay has made Paypal so dangerous for sellers that I hate to accept it at all but refusing Paypal would kill my already low sales. I used to use Paypal at my yard sales but with no seller protections at all I am eagerly awaiting GBuy. I hope it puts the stake through the heart of Paypal but doesn't turn into another Paypal with no seller protections.