Google Office: Will businesses buy it?

Google Office: Will businesses buy it?

Summary: Google vs. Microsoft

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Way back in November 2006, I announced Google’s intentions to launch a paid, enterprise version of its Google Apps this first quarter 2007.

SEE “Google battles Microsoft” 

Early last week, I underscored “Will Google launch Apps for Enterprise soon?

I spent several hours at the NYC Googleplex last November and witnessed the Google Enterprise troops gearing up for intensified battle calling for “Death to the (Microsoft) hieararchy!.” 

SEE: "Google Enterprise strategy: ‘Death to the hierarchy’

Upon Google’s announcement of Google Apps for Your Domain, all the way back in August 2006, I pronounced it as a direct, Google head on competitor against Microsoft Office, while many were taking Google at its word that its productivity applications aren’t “necessarily” replacements for Microsoft applications, but merely "collaborative components."

SEE: "Google to Microsoft: Wolf in sheep's clothing?"

I also dissected the risks businesses face by relying on Google Apps in the Google cloud. SEE “Google’s not so fine print: Google Apps TOS put Google first” and “Google Apps is risky business

Last October, I asked “Is everything really all sweetness and light in the Google cloud?” 

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Topic: Google

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  • It's to late for Google or anyone else

    Microsoft Office is here to stay. What the others fail to realize is that MS Office is more than just word processing and statistics in a speadsheet. Anyone who has used MS Office with Sharepoint/Exchange or has used VBA in Office knows two things:

    1. You have a serious collaboration platform
    2. You have a serious development platform.

    Google and thinkfree are making the same mistakes everyone before them has made. They honestly think that it's ok to make a scaled down office suite and be able to take on the world that is Microsoft.

    Long Live The Empire.

  • Google Enterprise suitable for Ad agencies

    ?Google office is to index Enterprise data?
    if anyone assumes that Google office is for productivity; I guess you are out of town, almost all enterprises already having productivity tools, I am not sure why Google offering paid version, I guess in reality it will be very close to free.

    ?Google servers always part of your business?
    they are going to index all documents and store EXTERNALLY to your business. Even Google servers cache business data, I have to write a formal letter to remove ?Dear servers, Please remove my data?, As usual it will be slowly deleted in 30 days.

    ?Welcoming bots, and monitor it?
    Google bots would visit your internal servers, and going to crawl whatever available.

    ?All the world information includes not only private data internal business data too?. If I don?t want to crawl, then I have request to bot.

    ?Always beta products?
    Enterprise really wants these beta products? How much reliable they are?

    ?Advertisement may be pushed into corporate world?
    No more ?Office assistant?, Ad assistance going to help me to buy BEST products?

    What kind of technology Google is going to provide to enterprise? How many mothers are working in Enterprise to make NASA like deal?

    ?Business data sold to unknown?
    All the externally indexed data would be interpreted to add Advertisements. May be used to create some statistic reports etc. I would read privacy policy 10 times before use it.

    Kind rgrds
  • Office on the NET

    When was the last tome you had an interuption in your internet service? Are you willing to "bet the company" that your ISP or anyone up the line has %100 up time? How long are you willing to delay getting that report out for your new customer?
    I don't think I'll recomend it to anyone.