Google still relying solely on search

Google still relying solely on search

Summary: Google still relying solely on search.

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Google is only winning at one thing--search and the monetization of search services--I underscored last year in “Google multi-billion dollar risks in 2007 and “Google’s ‘1 percent’”:

Google proudly declares it does “one thing really, really well”: Search.

Google’s “one thing,” in fact, fuels 99% of the revenues driving its $150 billion market cap: online search and associated advertising services (AdWords, AdSense).

Google reported to Wall Street today on its 2006 results. Google is still wholly search dependent for its revenues, as Google itself illustrates below.

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Topic: Google

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  • One Trick Pony!

    Cmon is this the best that you can do.. "Google still relying solely on search" isn't this getting a little old.. Let me fill you in on something people (sarcasm) "like" to use Google .. thats how they find everything ...because Google is their "friend"..if 99% of their revenue comes from search then they are still doing their job..and if they are profiting more than they are making more friends than anybody else.. they are a SEARCH ENGINE!!!..all these other services are value added..

    Get in the GAME Donna..
  • RE: Google still relying solely on search ok