Google Toolbar meets Edvard Munch

Google Toolbar meets Edvard Munch

Summary: I have been putting forth Google's "change in philosophy" vis a vis its heretofore "pristine" homepage since last month. SEE:Google defiles homepage?

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I have been putting forth Google's "change in philosophy" vis a vis its heretofore "pristine" homepage since last month. SEE:

Google defiles homepage?

Google changing 'philosophy'

Google on Firefox 2.0: Get it now!

The Google Toolbar promos persist, even when Google also runs a special Google logo, as it is doing today to celebrate the birthday of artist Edvard Munch.

The screenshot below shows the result: A cluttered looking Google hompage, by Google usual standards.

What will be the longterm impact of Google's new homepage strategy: Positive, negative or neutral?

Will the Google Toolbar homepage promos spur greater adoption of the Toolbar, or spur dissatisfaction with the Google homepage?


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Topic: Google

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  • There must be more to it

    I use Firefox on a Mac with the adblock plus plugin ( Most ads go away. I didn't see the toolbar blurb you complain about. I don't know whether it's the Mac, Firefox, or the adblock plugin. Either way, that combination gives me the least perturbed browsing experience. I highly recommend it.

    Your blog, simply put, is the worst thing i've ever read. My time has been wasted. Although i'm spending more time writing this opinion, it is something i must do, so that you either vastly improve the quality of your writing, or shut down your blog.

    Quite simply, your blog sucks, alot.
  • [b]What[/b] big ugly box?

    I have never seen the big ugly box asking you to download the Google Toolbar. I've been using Google since it was still parked at Stanford. While there have been some reduction in functionality, the core service has remarkably remained almost completely unchanged.

    As for the apparently annoying box, my guess is you are using Internet Explorer and don't have your security set high enough (some would argue it is nigh impossible to set it high enough). Use another browser or increase your security, or install the bloody thing, or go to another search engine if it bothers you so much. Or go buy some Class A Google stock and attend a stockholder's meeting to discuss your complaints.

    Just stop whining. Or screaming, as the case may be.

    Robert Reese~
  • *This* is what you blog about?

    You're a waste of space.
    • Agreed

      Your blog is a disaster. You just quote yourself over and over, say the same things, use quotations excessively, and spout uninformed and ignorant opinions. Please get a new hobby. Thanks.
  • Munch

    Why? What about celebrating Pollock's Bday next?

    Michael Locker MD
  • What are you talking about?

    Like everybody else who has commented here, I have never before seen this "ugly box" you complain about and have no idea what you are talking about.

    This blog is stupid. Yet for some reason it is Google's top "news" result for Edvard Munch.
    • silly. very silly. very very very silly.

      This tiny article reads like a breathless piece of gossip around Britney and Kevin, except that it managed to work "vis a vis" and "heretofore" into a single sentence.
  • Interesting

    Interseting concept.

    Keith Knutsson
  • RE: Google Toolbar meets Edvard Munch