Is Google 'The Internet'?

Is Google 'The Internet'?

Summary: Does Google rule the Web's ecosystem?

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I noted yesterday in “Google search kingdom: Benevolent or despotic?” the seemingly unchecked power Google wields.


The ramifications of Google’s 50%+ search market share permeate the Web’s entire ecosystem.


In “Scoring Google on quality” I discuss the significant influence Google has on the proprietary content of literally millions of third-party Websites.


Every new Website considers the leading search engine in its development plans. Websites 1) Optimize page content to be “found” organically by Google, 2) Buy Google AdWords and develop landing pages to Google’s specifications and/or 3) Code to protect proprietary content from Google indexing and caching.


In “Web 2.0 monetization by Google AdSense, Where is the business model?” I underscore that “Ads by Goooooogle” are ubiquitous online and how Google has succeeded in making AdSense the go-to monetization strategy for Web 2.0 properties of all sizes and styles, in lieu of solid business models.


Google not only dictates and/or supports Web development strategies and business models for millions of Web sites large and small, Google competitors even enable Google cooptation as I analyze in ““Is Google search vulnerable in 2007?


As Google is a factor in the success or failure of virtually every Website, is Google “The Internet”? 


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Topic: Google

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  • "Google is a spider man atleast for one more year"

    In the past Internet is a Networks of Networks, Now Internet is a communities of communities, its People government, Google is a one of the Web and Advertising agency, It has one powerful service (Search engine), Add network, dozens of dummy applications.
    -they already struggling to release their products, number of years few products are in beta stage and testing with users.
    -they are fearing to face users (blog comments etc)
    -how much dependability each web site has with Google? If Google doesn?t work for 10 days, all web sites do not respond for customers?, any search engines can crawl the whole web within a week, If Google doesn?t work for 3 days that?s it, everyone will jump into other search engines. You are comparing ?a 3 day company? with s historic Infrastructure. Internet going to end after the whole humanity dies.

    its meaningless to compare the Internet with a company.
    kind regerds
  • Icann't live without google

    I spend 60% of my time on internet. 50% of my internet visits to google sites. 100% of my online earnings from google adsense. I trackmy websites through analytics and google webmaster central. My primary email is gmail. Only in the chatting, i use yahoo messenger.
  • Google Becoming Just an Advertising Medium

    Submit any search request to Google, the first results seem to have no relation to the search. Click on any of them, they are all sales sites - some dubious, who knows what the others are. Iritatting is the large number of sites that are lists of junk sales sites. And of course, they have popups and all sorts of goodies. Since Google started to go public, they seemed have used any technique that they think they can get away with to boost revenue and profits. No longer does service and honesty seem to matter. And because of Google's dominance, the metasearch engines and other search engines (some only thin disgues of Google) are also clogged by junk. We are quickly progressing back to when individuals had lists of links because the search engines are junk. Who knows? Bring back gopher?

    And horor of horrors, is Bill Gates now involved in Google or just the idol of these people.
  • The Internet
  • The Internet