MySpace: Coming to the enterprise?

MySpace: Coming to the enterprise?

Summary: Is the enterprise looking for friends?


Is MySpace coming to the enterprise? According to Business Week it is.

On what does Steve Hamm base his assertion? IBM's announcement today of “Lotus Connections.”

IBM describes its offering as “the industry's first platform for business-grade social computing”:


Lotus Connections facilitates the gathering and exchange of information through professional networks, provides a dashboard-like view of current projects and connects users to like-minded communities. In addition, Lotus Connections removes the need for multiple social software applications, providing businesses with a single destination for building professional communities.

Are MySpace friends “social computing” or social networking?

Hamm on Lotus Connections:

It wraps five social networking technologies up into one integrated package—similar to what Microsoft's Office does for traditional desktop productivity software such as Word and Excel. 

Excel spreadsheets and Word documents are social networking tools a la MySpace?

Google would undoubtedly beg to differ.

Matt Glotzbach, head of enterprise products at Google, on Google Apps for Your Domain vs. Microsoft Office:

The right way to view Writely and Google Spreadsheets, especially in the context of a larger business, isn’t necessarily as a replacement for Word or Excel. They’re the collaboration component of that.

Moreover, has Hamm visited a MySpace friend’s profile lately? Below is a representative sample.




The MySpace signature unabashed self-promotion and soft porn have nothing in common with enterprise collaboration.


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  • Oh Yea, Baby !

    Myspace Enterprise Chics !
    A businessman's dream... and also the downfall of civilization. How is anyone going to get any work done, peeping at myspace cuties all through the work day, and sending messages back and forth, setting up dates for the night ? If anyone's been there, they also know that myspace has links to SOFT-PORN sites where you can contact young women for video and chat. How very productive will the work day will become with all that going on ? There's no WORK going on at myspace, only hookups.
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