Yahoo: Web company of the year?

Yahoo: Web company of the year?

Summary: “Google may get a lot more attention, but Yahoo has been getting more accomplished.

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Yahoo has been named “Web Company of the Year” by PC World. Rationale for the honor:

The number-one online developer, on the strength of great revamps of Yahoo Mail and Yahoo Maps, smart acquisitions of Web stars such as and Flickr, and development of the Yahoo 360 personalized Web spaces and of the Yahoo Music Engine.

While some may have differing opinions as to the relative merits of individual products and services cited, PC World’s conclusion is compelling: “Google may get a lot more attention, but Yahoo has been getting more things accomplished.”

Below is but one visual comparison of how Yahoo has "been getting more things accomplished." Google Finance "Beta" vs. Yahoo Finance:



Topic: Browser

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  • True True ,, dont forget to update your Norton!

    very true but i notice on thing is that your CNET or you didnt update your Norton! don't get hit by virus or something....

    Yahoo! Rules big ,flickr,and user

    where is my Yahoo Photos beta coming...please wait 10 days until account is updated grrrr. slow upgrades