YouTube: Presidential candidates cool in 'User Generated Politics' campaign 2008

YouTube: Presidential candidates cool in 'User Generated Politics' campaign 2008

Summary: YouTube makes presidential candidates cool!


Edition number 27 in this Digital Markets Blog presidential campaign 2008 series on what I am calling “User Generated Politics”

Did you ever want an online place where you could go to watch all the slick presidential campaign videos produced by the candidates?

YouTube to the rescue: A “You Choose ‘08” channel debuts at YouTube enabling YouTubers to face the candidates, the new “User Generated Politics” style.

The YouTube channel serves as a one-stop directory for navigation to individual presidentiial campaign candidate channels at YouTube, such as the hillaryclintondotcon YouTube channel, the Rudy Giuliani HQ YouTube channel the johnedwards YouTube channel…

The candidates’ YouTube channels showcase official campaign announcements and candidate appearances.YouTube aims to spur a video give-and-take between candidates and YouTubers.

Jordan Hoffner, director of content partnerships:

This is such an important election coming up that we just wanted to make sure we did everything we could in terms of helping candidates get their messages out, but also helping voters start a dialogue with those candidates on issues that really hit home at them individually, as cited by Associated Press.

Hoffner underscores "When users post comments or post video comments and the candidates respond in kind, that's just going to take on a life of its own.”

What already has a life of its own at YouTube is YouTuber uploads of “User Generated Politics” videos, rather than professionally produced and scripted campaign vehicles.

Hillary Clinton has inspired over 1300 YouTuber “User Generated Politics” snack-sized clip culture fare, such as:

Hillary Goes Nuts
Can anyone else follow this? Church of the white supremacist? School of the jihad? Huh? This is absurd.

Hillary’s Bust
Hillary Clinton's Sexual Power -- The artist behind the "Nude Britney Spears Giving Birth on a Bearskin Rug" sculpture unveils his latest sexually charged odyssey, a steamy portrait of Hillary Clinton's bust.

Hillary Clinton Says She Doesn’t Like Bullies
Home video clip of Hillary saying she doesn't like bullies. Look in the mirror, witch.

Hillary Clinton Remembers Peter Paul’s Roses, Not His $2M
Hillary Clinton greets Hollywood exec Peter F Paul and his wife in March, 2000, four months before he becomes her largest contributor donating more than $1.5 million to her Senate campaign which she lied about to the voters and the FEC.

Bigot Watch: Senator Hillary Clinton (D) New York
"He [Mahatma Gandhi] ran a gas station down in St. Louis for a couple of years..." (Senator Hillary Clinton (D) New York.)

Hillairy where boners go to die.

Hillary Clinton has pledged she wants “the conversation” to begin. The video conversation is going strong “User Generated Politics” style at YouTube, critics and hecklers welcome!


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