Mary Jo Foley

Mary Jo has covered the tech industry for 30 years for a variety of publications and Web sites, and is a frequent guest on radio, TV and podcasts, speaking about all things Microsoft-related. She is the author of Microsoft 2.0: How Microsoft plans to stay relevant in the post-Gates era (John Wiley & Sons, 2008).

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Microsoft's Office team takes a page from the Windows play book

Windows President Steven Sinofsky joined the Windows team from the Office unit, leading many of us Microsoft watchers to note how similar the Windows organization has become to Office, in terms of its structure, policies and procedures, over the last couple of years. But the Office team is learning from the Windows team, too -- in app compatibility.

December 15, 2009 by


Microsoft pulls beta of Chinese microblogging service; blames third-party developer

For the second time in the past couple of months, Microsoft has pulled a piece of code amid allegations of "theft." And, as was the case last time, Microsoft is attributing any problems to a third-party developer. On December 14, Microsoft officials suspended the beta of Juku, a microblogging service Microsoft is testing in China, that looks almost identical to Plurk, another Twitter-like service that is popular in Asia.

December 14, 2009 by


Microsoft patches Office 2003 rights-management bug

On December 11, some Office 2003 users discovered that they couldn't open files that included Microsoft right-management protected content. A day later, Microsoft issued a patch. There is a hotfix for Word 2003 and one for Excel 2003 that are downloadable from Microsoft's Web site designed to fix the issue.

December 14, 2009 by