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Mary Jo has covered the tech industry for 30 years for a variety of publications and Web sites, and is a frequent guest on radio, TV and podcasts, speaking about all things Microsoft-related. She is the author of Microsoft 2.0: How Microsoft plans to stay relevant in the post-Gates era (John Wiley & Sons, 2008).

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A (Microsoft) Code Name a Day: Avalanche

A few years back, there was much to-do over Microsoft developing what was described as a "BitTorrent killer." That technology, code-named "Avalanche," is finally out in pre-beta form. You can read more about Avalanche in today's "Microsoft Code Name of the Day" post.

August 10, 2007 by


Microsoft confirms Windows XP SP3 pre-beta is in testers' hands

Microsoft is now confirming the rumored XP SP3 pre-beta build that went to select testers this week -- and may aggregate as many as 991 security and hot fix updates -- is real. Officials still won't provide more detailed info on when the final SP3 will hit. Microsoft's decision as to when to release XP SP3 is probably being driven as much by "politics" as by code readiness, at this point.

August 8, 2007 by


Shhhh! Pre-beta Vista SP1 is out there

Over the past couple of days, there have been new reports of sightings of the pre-beta of Windows Vista Service Pack (SP) 1. The reported build number: 6001.16549 (longhorn_sp1beta1.070628-1825). I've asked Microsoft for comment. But given that "translucency," not "transparency," is the new Windows world order, I'm not expecting to hear much new.

August 7, 2007 by