Ballmer: It's all about Web developers

Ballmer: It's all about Web developers

Summary: Plain old developers are so passe. Now it's all about "Web developers, Web developers, Web developers!


Plain old developers are so passe. Now it's all about "Web developers, Web developers, Web developers!"

Ballmer: It’s all about Web developersMicrosoft CEO Steve Ballmer, at the prodding of an audience member of Mix '08, updated his famous "developers, developers, developers" chant.

(Istartedsomething's Long Zheng is hosting a clip of Ballmer's latest "monkey boy" dance on his Web site.)

In a wide-ranging Q&A with former Apple marketing kingpin Guy Kawasaki, Ballmer fielded questions about everything from the rationale behind Microsoft's plans to buy Yahoo, to when and whether Microsoft would port Silverlight to the iPhone.

Among the Ballmerisms evoked by Kawasaki's good-natured ribbing:

  • Ballmer reiterated that Microsoft wants Yahoo because "search is the next killer app for advertising." When Kawasaki asked what the latest was on Microsoft's pending take-over, Ballmer said "We made an offer. It's out there, baby!"
  • When will Microsoft port Silverlight to the iPhone? Ballmer remained noncommittal, but also said that Apple was planning to charge software vendors "30 percent on any runtime for apps running on the iPhone." Microsoft officials at Mix this week hinted that when and whether Microsoft would put its Flash competitor on the iPhone depended on whether Apple planned a "DoCoMo"-like lock-down on its cellphone platform.
  • "What's the deal with Vista?" Kawasaki prodded Ballmer. Ballmer reiterated that Microsoft had initial compatibility problems with drivers and apps for Vista but that the "second most popular operating system" (after Windows XP) was on track now.

(Photo: Ballmer about to launch into his "Web developers" rallying cry, courtesy of istartedsomething.)

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  • Second most popular OS

    They're only deluding themselves, and the longer it carries on the worse they'll end up.

    Keep up the good bull*hit Ballmer ;-)
    • the problem is.

      He's right, XP followed by Vista, then a loooong way down to OS X and finally the 'nix crowd.

      Is it different in your world?
      • Entirely

        I don't automatically believe everything I read in the press.
        • Don't let

          ... reality get in the way of what you believe.

          • Because that must be accurate

            to those who only have the brain capacity to understand that.

            Do you know what Thermate is?
          • The sheeple need a shepherd

            And 9/11 wasn't a conspiracy at all right?
  • RE: Ballmer: It's all about Web developers

    I watched the video. This nutcase is in charge?

    The whole Vista email debacle now makes sense.........and decaf for him in future.
    • He is enthusiastic

      Microsoft's results over the past few years make him probably the most successful CEO of an established company. And, given the way CEO tenures are shortening, one of the most enduring.

      Makes him a model for the rest of 'em. I guess.
      Anton Philidor
      • Enthusiastic?

        Most people would consider such
        antics psychotic!

        Steve Ballmer goes "Developers!
        Developers! Developers"


        So would/do I.

        Take me to your leader. NOT your
        Ole Man
  • RE: Ballmer: It's all about Web developers

    You Tube Version:
  • I just wish

    I was paid me as much and i could be so annoying and have it all shown in its technicolor glory on the web. Well, I'd go for the money, the "fame" I could do without :P

    Mind you, I'm not even sure I'd want the money given the sort of love/hate that the man generates.

    Ok, now I can comfortably go back to my life and appreciate what I have!
    • Safe in the knowledge that you're not

      as aesthetically challenged as he ;-)
  • Notice, that he wants MS web developers. This is an important distinction,

    he is admitting that they want developers to create web applications that are MS proprietary. Making the web MS proprietary as much as possible is the end game here.
    • "Daddy, what is a computer?"

      Well son, it's this really clever thing owned by a massively successful corporation called Microsoft. They all speak a language called .Net. We can thank .Net for the internet you know, because without it, we'd all be living in mud huts without electricity and you wouldn't want that now, would you?

      "No Daddy. I love Microsoft."


      "Daddy ...."

      Yes son?

      "If people speak lots of different languages, why can't computers?"

      I don't know son. Why don't you write to the President and ask him, he's a very clever man that knows about these things ...
  • RE: Ballmer: It's all about Web developers

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