ComScore: Bing grows to 11.3 percent of U.S. search market

ComScore: Bing grows to 11.3 percent of U.S. search market

Summary: The January search data from comScore is out, and Microsoft's Bing now has 11.3 percent of the U.S. search market, the firm claims.


The January search data from comScore is out, and Microsoft's Bing now has 11.3 percent of the U.S. search market, the firm claims.

Yahoo's share continued to slide, with the current No. 2 vendor now at 17 percent. Google also slightly declined, with 65.4 percent of the U.S. market.

(In December, the totals for each of the Big Three were: Google, 65.7 percent; Yahoo, 17.3; and Bing, 10.7, according to comScore.)

As a couple of other bloggers have noted, Microsoft seems to be making these gains by buying traffic, with various promotions and deals. That's one reason the company's Online Systems Division, of which Bing is a big chunk, is continuing to lose money, hand over fist.

As TechFlash blogger Todd Bishop points out, the combined Microsoft-Yahoo search team is looking increasingly less powerful, given that Yahoo's search share is continuing to slide. Sure, if and when the partnership deal the pair announced last summer gets regulatory approval, Bing will become the No. 2 vendor. But it will be a No. 2 with less than 30 percent share, compared to Google's 65 percent.

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Mary Jo has covered the tech industry for 30 years for a variety of publications and Web sites, and is a frequent guest on radio, TV and podcasts, speaking about all things Microsoft-related. She is the author of Microsoft 2.0: How Microsoft plans to stay relevant in the post-Gates era (John Wiley & Sons, 2008).

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  • Why do you point out the negatives MJ? Isn't a jump to over 11% ....

    a good sign for Bing?

    You posted all of the negatives and don't you realize that Google grew to it's 65% on partnerships, deals and buying everything in sight? Garrett never paints it that way, but then again teh other bloggers are quite biased, well many of them.

    But you have normally been more of a journalist than a blogger and have given both sides of every story. This time just the negative side of this growth.
    You do realize that giving up profit for growth is an often used business model, right?
    No matter how they did it, I think in the few years Bing has been around, gaining over 11% in the face of Google and it's thousands of purchased properties and deals and leverage, is amazing.
    • negatives

      Hi. I didn't saying deals and promotions were a bad thing, did I? Unlike some other journos/bloggers, I didn't say that was "cheating" or secretly "buying traffic." I just said that is likely how they are growing... with no judgment call. MJ
      Mary Jo Foley
      • I understand, but..

        You could point out these facts:

        1. Saying Bing's growth is due to business deals simply wrong. 7 month of consective growth, you can't buy that.

        2. Look back at what they said, at first, after point out Bing growth, never forget to say, that was due to 100m ad. Now the ads not there anymore, they say it is the toolbar deals. I don't know what's the problem with those people. Obviously, they feel uneasy about Bing's success.

        3. Obvious those disrepectable bloggers or journalists as they call themselves have problem with MSFT. They take any chance to let the world know. I can tell you, MSFT is much stronger than their nerves. Expect to see netscape story, they will shut up then.
      • Excuse them MJ

        Some people just don't want to hear facts. If they
        are getting some of this share through say tool
        bars then what happens when Firefox, Chrome and
        others run IE out of the market? They'll be
        without one of their avenues for growth. They fail
        to realize that their idols at MS pay attention to
        this stuff and make their moves based on it. Good
        for them their idols aren't as slow as they are.
        • Excuse storm14k MJ

          He doesn't want people to remember that Google gets alot of their traffic thru the toolbars they pay Mozilla, Adobe, ect to install by default.

          It's bad when MS does it, OK when everyone else does it, but I wasan't supposed to bring that up... :)
          John Zern
          • Heres another example for you MJ.

            He's too busy looking for the anti-MS sentiment
            to realize that I said nothing is wrong with
            what they have done. Its about understanding how
            the search market share is being gained. Google
            of course gets tons of share through Firefox.
            Firefox is on the rise. IE (once place MS gains
            its share) is on the decline. Thats all to it.
            The smart person would begin to wonder if they
            are putting their money in the right place to
            sustain growth. But like I said...its a good
            thing you all aren't running MS.
          • Thus with all zealots

            If you aren't 100% with MS (and incidentally anti-Google, anti-Linux) on every post, you're JZ's enemy.
            Jay Cash
          • You should be ashamed

            Guiding Light, Sleeper Service, Shade Tree, Ye labor long and hard for that distinction. Your failure to acknowledge their efforts is just not right.

            Note LD doesn't make the honorable mention list, because not even he could believe his posts.

            But you owe the others an apology.
            New Lurker
    • Its funny how...

      MS fanboys understand any gain for MS no matter
      how small it might be. Now let this be anything
      else....Android...Linux....Firefox and its "whats
      that...we have X% share". Now let Silverlight get
      .5% share and ya'll folk will have a party lmao.
      • almost as funny as Google tool being loaded by default

        when you install Adobe reader or some othet add-in that Google paid for to have their toolbar included by default.

        I'm curious as to why you left that tidbit out?
        John Zern
        • Left that tid bit out of what?

          What does that have to do with folk getting
          excited about a 11% market share for MS while
          laughing at a 30% share for Firefox?
          • Lets not forget that MS is King on the desktop

            As long as you are king on the desktop, none of the other products are as important. You have your vehicle; Windows. Bing is a window on this vehicle (you can take it or leave it). Google can get 95% of Search and still not make 25% of what MS makes on the desktop and other enterprise products. So its all relative.
    • The surprise is that it's not higher

      If it comes installed by default on more than 90% of all desktops, it takes positive effort to direct searches to another engine.

      A lot of people voting with their "feet."
      Jay Cash
      • Except

        "If it comes installed by default on more than 90% of all desktops, it takes positive effort to direct searches to another engine"

        Where did you get that Bing is installed on 90% of desktops by default?
    • pointing out negatives

      I have to agree that Mary J gave a very biased view. But then again this site is 'owned' by Apple isn't it?
      I love microsoft and windows and Bing.
      Just putting in my 2 cents worth.
    • Poor MJ

      She thinks that by always pointing out the negatives in MS-related news she is being impartial and that will bring her applause and praise.

      What she doesn't realize, given her low intelligence, is that there are plenty of MS naysayers on the internet: Apple worshipers, Linux wackos, etc., that do that far better than her.

      Does she need to cheer MS instead? No. What I think that would be better is to analyze good's and bad's of the MS-related news she blogs about and then come up with some well reasoned conclusion. However, I doubt she is capable of doing something like that.

      She most likely continue with this nonsense, and also continue blogging about stupid things like "MS silence about Internet Explorer 10, Windows 9, Windows Server 2024 is deafening". Or, "MS codenames confuse me. Given the utter importance of this topic I will blog endlessly about it".
      • You're right...she's trying to please the freetards infesting Zdnet...

        or else they're going Reiser on her...
  • RE: ComScore: Bing grows to 11.3 percent of U.S. search market

    Awesome, this shows that Bing truely is a great search engine. I love using Bing and I set it as the default not only on my own computers but when I use other people's computers as well. Its all about relevant results instead of blog spam as found with Bing's competitors.
    Loverock Davidson
    • you mess up other peoples PCs

      So, someone is nice enough to let you use their PC
      and you then decide to switch their defaults to
      something you like? Do you change their background
      pictures as well. Unless they ask you to do it, it
      is kind of rude.
      • I consider it doing them a favor

        By setting Bing as the default search engine this will give them the best web browsing and search experience available. In the long run they will be thanking me for doing that.
        Loverock Davidson