Comscore search calculation changes still leave Microsoft as a distant third

Comscore search calculation changes still leave Microsoft as a distant third

Summary: Comscore is changing the way it calculates search market share. But the changes it is making aren't helping Microsoft any.

TOPICS: Browser, Microsoft

Comscore is changing the way it calculates search market share. But the changes it is making aren't helping Microsoft any.

The Comscore July search-share for the main handful of search engines was calculated using some of the new elements its new qSearch 2.0 methodology. The results: Google remained the runaway search leader, with 55.2 percent. Yahoo had 23.5 percent and Microsoft, 12.3 percent.

In June, Microsoft's search share was up nearly 3 percent, according to Comscore. Google had 49.5 percent share; Yahoo 25.1 percent; and Microsoft 13.2 percent.

Microsoft isn't bitter about Comscore's new scoring system, though. According to a statement from Brad Goldberg, General Manager of Search Marketing with Microsoft's Search Business Unit.

"We are pleased to see market share and query volume for Live Search  continue to grow in July, as all third-party indices are reporting. Notably, the refinements comScore has instituted with qSearch 2.0 are positive for the industry and advertisers, as its methodology more accurately measures search traffic sources that are core to customer engagement and enables advertisers to get the most out of search."

qSearch 2.0 is designed to provide a more accurate picture of how and where individuals search, according to Comscore.

"Previously, the search universe was defined as searches occurring at the major Web search engines," explained Comscore in its press release, issued on August 20. "With search becoming a more ubiquitous activity across the Web, comScore is expanding the market view of the search universe to encompass other searches that occur on the Internet."

New data sources for Comscore's monthly search share data will include, going forward,

  • The five major U.S. search engines (Google sites, Yahoo sites, Microsoft sites, Ask Network and Time Warner Network)
  • The top 50 worldwide properties engaged in search (MySpace, Baidu, Naver, etc.)
  • Major vertical search sites (eBay, Amazon, Expedia, et.)
  • Partner search (where users are redirected to other sites)
  • Cross-channel search (sites using more than one search tab, like "Web," "Images" and "News"
  • Local Search
  • And more input from more countries other than the U.S.

The core search engine rankings will not incorporate all of this data, however. As Comscore explains:

"As before, share will be determined using the five major search engines (Google Sites, Yahoo! Sites, Microsoft Sites, Ask Network and Time Warner Network) but will now include the partner searches and cross-channel searches in the total for each property. To keep this metric consistent with past reporting, searches for mapping, local directory, and user-generated video sites that are not on the core domain of the five search engines will not be included in the 'core search' numbers."

Topics: Browser, Microsoft


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  • I believe we will see a shift inside

    the next 2 years. Anyone that hasn't tried Live Search really should. It's interface is nice and the results are as good as Google most of the time. In some cases they are better, depending on what you are looking for. That is mainly due to the fact Google tends to post Microsoft alternatives as the top hits when searching for a solution to a problem with Microsoft technology. I don't think somebody trying to setup something new or find the answer to a nagging problem appreciates needing to wade through pages to start finding anything other than non Microsoft advertisements. (what it boils down to). <br>
    When results are ranked by the highest bidder, I lose faith in a search engine.
    • Backwards Linux guy,,,you are SOOO confused!

      You wrote:
      "the results are as good as Google most of the time".

      Most of the time???? And THAT will make MS win over Google? Only if the user is a Microsoft fanboi like you! What a LOSER you are! You didn't even get any commission from MS for you post! LOSER!
  • Gee! What a surprise!

    How can it be that the Bloatfarm screws up yet again?

    When it stops trying to kill the competition and starts trying to produce the best apps, it will succeed. Until then, it is merely a mega Bloatfarm, tripping over its turdsoftware.
    Jeremy W
    • Wow, Dude...

      "Bloatfarm?" "Turdsoftware?"

      And then, you lay down the gauntlet with "When it stops trying to kill the competition and starts trying to produce the best apps, it will succeed"!! (A genius statement! I wonder if the world of business is ready for your kind of wisdom!?)

      You're my hero.

      (The Internet truly is dumbing down our civilization. May some higher power help us...soon!)
      • Duh! Loser! Better APPS is what it is all about!

        Only a 'how dare you use software made by anyone other than Microsoft!' loser like you would post that statement you did.

        Guess what! People spend HOURS searching for something other than MS software! That is the sad tale of how MS will fall!
    • I take it Microsoft didn't hire you. (nt)

      John Zern
      • Please...who wants no control of their future! (NT)

  • Nothing against Live Search..

    I have nothing against live search or Microsoft, the problem I have is that the search results are so horrid; When I had Windows Vista installed I still went out of my way to install the Google search box integration with IE7.

    I'm now running Solaris; I would be more than happy to use Microsoft services, the problem is that they're horrid; if they improved their search quality so that it was on par with Google, I would use it, but so far they haven't done a thing to improve the situation.
    • yes! open source

      Just want to tell you [b]Windows Live Search is powered by Linux[/b], you maybe feel the result become better after you know this fact...
      Kenny Yeung
      • Hmmm..

        Wow! I wonder why they are not using Microsoft Server of some sort, not trying to be
        a smart ass, but am seriously curious.
      • Using Microsoft's own business methodology

        They should not be allowed to use ANYTHING
        Linux or Open Source.

        They call Linux a "cancer" not long ago.
        What are they trying to do? Give themselves
        Ole Man
      • Powered by Linux...

        written by Microsoft. Hence the lousy results!
      • Powered by Linux...

        writtten by Microsoft. Hence the lousy results!
    • Really. I didn't find that to be the case.. Do you have a search

      term or phrase as an example I could try on both to see what you mean? I've been getting better results from Live search lately. <br>
      • Just like you have been getting better results from the radio in your head.

        Please. Try changing channels once in a while!
  • all these talkbacks are garbage

    you are all full of bs.

    I did a search on "goldenseal" in Google and Live and got almost identical results including basically identical related searches.

    I did a search for "browser" in Google, the top result was IE 7!!!!! The top result for Live was Firefox 2!!!!! The Google search emphasized sites that described browsers, while Live enphasized sites where browsers could be downloaded. Related search were also quite different, where Google related searches were different concepts in browsers and Live related searches were specific brower names.

    I really can't believe any of you bothered to do comparison searches and instead just spewed whatever came off the top of your collective heads.
    • Yahoo Search

      I decided just for comparison to try the two same searches in Yahoo.

      For "goldenseal" all but one result was about goldenseal, the plant (more on-topic results than the mix that Google and Live had). Related searches broke down the same as the other two.

      For "browser" the results were similar to Live. IE was not mentioned as it also wasn't mentioned on Live.
    • WOW! Have not seen a post from you since XP was released!

      You must be that 'secret weapon' that MS speaks about.

      Let's hear it from you baby (although you won't convince a single soul)!

    The only that any virus can be put into a computer is with the hacker Internet network!This would be the al-Qaeda network.There is no other way that a virus can enter a computer,the equipment is a one of a kind set up.The BIOS chip for this system could not even be copied and was made under threats and Presidential and U.N. orders.This chip could never be made again.This chip has illogic in it,something like zero equals one.The only way to put these virus in is to have the computer actually log on to this al-Qaeda network.The computer then carries a file that says that it is property of the al-Qaeda.All computers appear to be the property of the al-Qaeda
  • What? Microsoft is a search engine????

    Gee...I guess since I never use the default settings in MS I never knew that MS was trying to take over my Windoze laptop search requests. I have always used Google, AltaVista or Yahoo. Although I do remember once when the MS OS took over and launched MS Search. I just made the site 'unsecure' and now my laptop never, ever goes to MS central!

    P.S. I am replacing said laptop with an Apple MacPro laptop in 1 month.