Could Windows Home Server be Microsoft's iPhone?

Could Windows Home Server be Microsoft's iPhone?

Summary: Is it too much to call Windows Home Server Microsoft's iPhone? I think it's likely the closest Microsoft will come to a product with built-in popular appeal.


Run down the check list:

  • Relatively quiet development period, followed by short and seemingly successful beta. Check
  • A product that users actually want and understand. Check
  • Potentially cool form factors. Check

Microsoft just might have a hit on its hands with Windows Home Server when the first Home Server models debut this fall.

Is it too much to call WHS Microsoft's iPhone? I think it's likely the closest Microsoft will come to a product with built-in popular appeal. (I'm doubtful that "Big-Ass Table," a k a the Microsoft Surface, has anywhere near the sleeper-hit potential of Windows Home Server.)

What would make Windows Home Server a guaranteed home run, in your book?

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Mary Jo has covered the tech industry for 30 years for a variety of publications and Web sites, and is a frequent guest on radio, TV and podcasts, speaking about all things Microsoft-related. She is the author of Microsoft 2.0: How Microsoft plans to stay relevant in the post-Gates era (John Wiley & Sons, 2008).

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  • Home automation

    Yeah I know, all the pundits say that they don't want home automation but I put that up there with buggy drivers saying they will never drive a car. ;-)
    • I don't know, it works well for

      the Amish. you know, the "never drive a car" thing :)
      John Zern
    • I just can't count the # of things... I'm dying to automate here - NT

  • nope!

    Linux is already there.
    Linux Geek
    • Already where?

      Where exactly is linux? apart from being a figment in your imagination.
      • Linux is running many houses

        just check:,1697,838249,00.asp
        Linux Geek
        • ummm....

          [i]Linux is running many houses
          just check:[/i]

          Ok, I checked. In that article I did find out how to build a Linux home server... But as far as I could see it didn't say anything how many were in use currently.
      • Already in my house

        I'm running a home network of two Windows and two GNU/Linux computers under Fedora 7. Fedora 7 recognized and set up every connection during installation, including printers and scanners — it was so stupid-simple even I could do it — and I'm a lifelong Windows guy!
      • Linux In My House For Years

        I run Mandriva, which is easy to setup, easy to share files, and is far more secure than

        Best of all, no Windows Genuine (Dis)Advantage.
    • Message has been deleted.

  • ARE u Kidding me

    "Potentially cool form factors. Check"

    OMG, what color is it !, i want one.
    not of this world
    • Oddly enough

      [i]OMG, what color is it !, i want one.[/i]

      I have heard this exact same comment regarding the iPod... and they were serious.
      • the selling point is ?

        I think it was "new and portable", not the color or form.

        if you want ms telling you how to setup a computer,
        people have been doing it for the last 20 years
        even ms knows how.

        - but maybe showing money and not INELEGANCE
        is the selling point. if i was ms i would charge 900 flat with an extended 30 day service contract and issue activation keys
        every 90 days for your personal security.

        is that ok , now
        not of this world
        • incorrect

          [i]I think it was "new and portable", not the color or form.[/i]

          Actually it was in regard to the color and form.

          Many times one technological option is preferred over another simply because of the way it looks. It's not as crazy as you think. Of course it should have many selling points if it is to do well, but looks can and should be one of them.
          • please provide links

            for research purposes. if your not working for ms.
            not of this world
          • Links?

            To what? Would you like me to gather sales information for you? Or would you like links to the many folks I've dealt with who personally told me they perferred an iPod because it looked cooler? Are you serious?

            Believe me, if I was working for MS, I'd probably be making more money and be glad that I was. I'd also have no problem with telling you that I did. I don't.

            I see now why you chose that forum name. LOL
          • From factor = selling points

            If you want information talking about how look/size/color affect sales, look at the study of the Xbox and what people thought of the big bulky look. Was a major study Microsoft did when designing the 360.

            Form follows function, but if two functional devices were available, who wouldn't choose the coolest looking one?
          • cool

            fact is if something looks cool, people will buy it - period. Thats why people buy Macs, they are no faster, run no better apps, and cost more, but people still buy them
            Paul Fletcher
  • No... it won't rival the iPhone

    at least as far as buzz and excitement go.

    Sales, well my guess is it will sell more than the iPhone but take longer to get there.

    Even in the farthest reaches of my imagination I wouldn't try to compare these two products, but I am more likely to get a WHS than an iPhone. ;)
    • Well yeah I haven't heard a thing about this product

      beyond a few articles on tech sights like this. There is as far as Ican tell "NO" buzz
      about this thing. As for which will sell more? I don't know the iPhone can be used by
      everyone regardless of platform of choice and it does have BUZZ and so far some
      pretty impressive reviews and it's still GEN 1. Word of mouth will start kicking in as

      Isn't the "home server" a product looking for a market?

      Pagan jim