Exchange Server 2007 SP1 to be downloadable November 29

Exchange Server 2007 SP1 to be downloadable November 29

Summary: The first service pack for Exchange Server 2007 -- which adds Windows Server 2008 compatibility, better integration with Office Communications Server 2007 and better mobile-device support -- will be available for download on November 29.


Microsoft is making the final version of Exchange 2007 Service Pack (SP) 1 available for download on November 29.

The new SP adds to Exchange Server 2007 support for Windows Server 2008, better integration with Office Communications Server 2007 and improved mobile device security and management, according to Microsoft. The SP also adds a better user interface for Outlook Web Access and improved disaster recovery capabilities through Standby Continuous Replication.

Microsoft has been priming the pump for the final SP1 release for the past couple of weeks.

Microsoft released to manufacturing Exchange Server 2007 in December 2006. Microsoft says that since RTM, "more than 3,000 companies representing more than 1,000,000 seats have begun the switch from rival messaging and voice mail platforms to Exchange Server."

More than 270,000 users tested SP1 betas as part of Microsoft's Technology Adoption Program tests, company officials said.

More than 270,000 information workers tested the beta of Exchange Server 2007 SP1 as part of Microsoft’s Technology Adoption Program with more than 30,000 of those mailboxes running Windows Server 2008

Microsoft plans to make the final Exchange Server 2007 SP1 bits available from its Exchange site later today. 

The Exchange Server 2007 SP1 bits are available now from the Microsoft Downloads site.

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  • Thanks! I'm downloading it now!

    It'll take about two hours for the download to complete. Although the downloads from California to Florida (like for Apple QuickTime or Safari) isn't that bad, downloading from Redmond is pretty far away, probably because of slow connection from Microsoft or that the server is busy, like when I'm having a hard time watching a video about Windows Server 2008 from Microsoft.
    Grayson Peddie
  • RE: Exchange Server 2007 SP1 to be downloadable November 29

    Installed it today. It???s pretty easy unless you have clustering. Then it???s a whole rigmarole to get it working and you are in for a long haul. To add insult to injury, you can???t upgrade CCR nodes using the GUI. Everything must be done from the EMS or the command line.

    Basically, for CCR you need to (nodeA = Active, nodeP = Passive):

    1. Log in as a user with every right you can think of including schema admin and exchange admin.

    2. Upgrade the .net 20 components to SP1 first on nodeP.

    3. Reboot

    4. Start the ICS service (yes???no joke, you have to do this manually???but you can disable it later)

    5. Stop and restart the Remote Registry service

    6. Run the setup /m:upgrade manually from the command line on nodeP

    7. Failover the cluster fully to nodeP.

    8. Run the setup /upgradecms on nodeP

    9. Go to nodeA.

    10. Update the net components

    11. Reboot

    12. Start the ICS service

    13. Stop and restart the Remote Registry service

    14. Run the setup /m:upgrade manually form the command line on nodeA.

    15. Reboot the nodeB???forcing the cluster to failover to the nodeA

    16. Verify the get-storagegroupcopystatus returns ???healthy???

    This literally takes about 3+ hours just for CCR mailboxes and does result in a limited service outage. In my case, the storage groups never recovered to Healthy. Exchange wouldn???t let me fail the cluster since it just said ???initializing???, so I manually rebooted the second server a second time. It does, however, work. I think the import-mailbox and pf capabilities are absolute must-haves and so far, they work great.

    I have no idea why Microsoft keeps releasing things half-baked. It???s really embarrassing when they actually took the time to program the GUI to tell you that you must run the command line and do everything manually. This is the same BS we had with the DST updates and I???m really getting tired of it to be perfectly honest. They should have spent extra time coding in the automation to stop services, update .net component automatically, etc. There is also, no excuse for releasing a modern-day GUI operating system with a GUI application and attempt to apply a GUI SP that EVER forces you to do anything at the command line. Period.