Here's the list of fixes in those new Vista fix packs

Here's the list of fixes in those new Vista fix packs

Summary: I linked to an AeroXP post this morning listing hot fixes for Windows Vista provided in two new Knowledge Base postings. A number of those fixes seem like they are the same ones expected to be part of Vista SP1. The AeroXP post is gone now. Poof! So if you wanted the list of what's in there, here it is.


I linked to an AeroXP post this morning listing hot fixes for Windows Vista provided in two new Knowledge Base postings. The AeroXP post is gone now. Poof!

So if you wanted the list of what's in there, here it is. I grabbed it from NVNews.Net. I am posting the Vista fix pack feature list here in case it somehow disappears again:

938979 Vista Performance and Reliability Pack

This update resolves a number of individual issues which may be affecting some computers running Windows Vista. These issues have been reported by customers using the Error Reporting service, product support, or other means. Installing this update will improve the performance and responsiveness for some scenarios and improves reliability of Windows Vista in a variety of scenarios. Some examples of the improvements contained in this update are:

• Improves performance in resuming back to the desktop from the Photo and Windows Energy screensaver. • Resolves an issue where some secured web pages using advanced security technologies may not get displayed in Internet Explorer on Windows Vista. • Resolves an issue where a shared printer may not get installed if the printer is connected to a Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 system and User Access Control is disabled on the Vista client. • Resolves an issue where creating AVI files on Vista may get corrupted. • Improves the performance in calculating the ‘estimated time remaining’ when copying/moving large files. • Improves performance in bringing up Login Screen after resuming from Hibernate. • Resolves an issue where synchronization of offline files to a server can get corrupted. • Resolves a compatibility issue with RAW images created by Canon EOS 1D/1DS Digital SLR Camera which can lead to data loss. This only affects RAW images created by these two specific camera models. • Resolves an issue where a computer can lose its default Gateway address when resuming from sleep mode. • Improves the performance when copying or moving entire directories containing large amounts of data or files. • Improves the performance of Vista’s Memory Manager in specific customer scenarios and prevents some issues which may lead to memory corruption.

938194 Vista Compatibility and Reliability Pack

• Improved reliability and compatibility of Vista when used with newer graphics cards in several specific scenarios and configurations. • Improved reliability when working with external displays on a laptop. • Increased compatibility with many video drivers. • Improved visual appearance of games with high intensity graphics. • Improved quality of playback for HD-DVD and Blue-Ray disks on large monitors. • Improved reliability for Internet Explorer when some third party toolbars are installed on Vista. • Improved Vista reliability in networking configuration scenarios. • Improved the reliability of Windows Calendar in Vista. • Improved reliability of systems that were upgraded from XP to Vista. • Increased compatibility with many printer drivers. • Increased reliability and performance of Vista when entering sleep and resuming from sleep.

These appear to be many of the fixes that will be part of the Vista Service Pack (SP) 1, which is expected to enter public beta testing some time soon. Microsoft made these fix packs available to selected testers around July 20.

Why the secrecy around these fix packs? All I can do is refer you to Microsoft's statement on wanting to eliminate SP1 disinformation. That's all that the company will say officially and publicly for now.

Update on July 31:  One additional piece of information from Microsoft, via a spokesperson, today:

"We plan to make these two updates (KB938194 and KB938979) broadly available via Windows Update in the near future."

Various outlets, including my ZDNet blogging colleague Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, are reporting that Microsoft will push these out on August 14, Patch Tuesday. So far, Microsoft officials are not corroborating that date for me.

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  • The one and only fix pack

    I'm looking for is the one that improves
    Vista's performance 200% by removing the
    activation nightmare and the DRM crap.

    Alas, I fear Vista will never be ready for
    Ole Man
    • Sorry to say, this could have been my post

      The terms and conditions alone are more than enough to warn anyone with limited common sense to run in any direction from Vista. The biggest problem with Vista is not the too many versions based on too many platforms requiring too many fixes. Anyone count how many there has been since it arrived on the scene ? Not sure if it would exceed the number of Vista copies I see for sale, new and used at below retail on more website than Vista has copies. Most people really have no clue what the terms are nor the conditions of Vista's license agreement. Even the lawyers can only speculate with regards to some of them but the activation, certification and verification is more than I want to deal with. I see no reason why anyone would want to tend Microsoft's piracy problems on their time, their expense and in ways that go beyond ridiculous. If anyone actually agrees with all of that and is willing to donate so much time everytime they add a new piece of hardware of software, I can only say I admire your limitless patience and enduring qualities.
  • Why the secrecy around these fix packs?

    Because MS doesn't want to admit how badly Vista was designed and implemented and how badly broken it is.
    Henry Miller
    • Or maybe they don't have all the

      details on what they are going to provide and don't want speculation running rampant with people that call themselves journalists.
      • Tha. tha. tha. that must be it - thanks! -NT

    • Service Pack Secrecy

      I agree. This secrecy around Vista service packs is bizarre. They release a "Fix Pack" but refuse to call it a "Service Pack". So is this "Service Pack Lite"? And so are we to expect the "real" service pack to appear at some unspecified later time? If this is not really a service pack, is it safe to install?

      Is Microsoft afraid this "Fix" may actually do more damage than repair, as did their first three patches for the animated cursor vulnerability? Are they trying to protect the integrity of the term "Service Pack," fearful that users may avoid future SP upgrades if they get burned by this "Fix"? What is going on here, and why won't Microsoft tell us? Are they having the same difficulty developing SP1 as they had developing Vista? Why? What makes this OS so hard to modify/fix?

      I think MS does more harm than good with their paranoid secrecy. They create the very strong impression that they have something to hide. Increasingly, I have found myself wondering if Vista is not a disaster of spaghetti code, which no one at Microsoft really understands.
      • create the very strong impression that they have something to hide

        It's not an impression. They're serious

        Microsoft has so much to hide it would take
        less time to fix it than to publish it.
        Maybe that's why they're hiding what they're
        Ole Man
  • To all of those Microsoft and Vista zealots...

    To all of those Microsoft and Vista zealots:

    See no evil! Hear no evil! Speak no evil!

    That is an awful lot of bugs and problems being fixed for an operating system that you all claim is "just fine" and blame all of the problems on the application and hardware vendors!!! :^0

    Raspberries to you! :^0
    • Vista zealot?

      That'd be interesting to see...
    • good perspective and well said

      well i guess when ya reinvent the well ya get a few spokes.

      MS wants to be a looser because stupid people have more money
      than brains. oh well keep on believing and don't forget
      the family vacation you been promising the wife and kids.
      not of this world
      • Nice know what they say about opinions...

        • Everybody has one?

          And then again, some people are one. And
          many of them keep their head in it.
          Ole Man
    • See no evil! Hear no evil!

      It's what Microsoft is not telling you about that's going to be the problem. If they gave even a small clue as to what really wrong with Vista they would end up back in court.
      • Have no problems....sorry to dissapoint you.

        • What doesn't have any problems? Vista?

          Well if Vista doesn't have any problems then please tell me why I can't get it to network with my second computer. It keeps asking for a password and I've tried every password I've ever used for anything (including the one I use in Vista) and it rejects everyone of them. That's why I had to switch back to XP Pro as my main OS, no problem at all networking with it.

          • He didn't say it would work with Networking

            Fact is he didn't say what it worked with, I assume he was trying to imply it works with everything he had but didn't enlighten us with any details as they might come back to haunt him if he did. I kind of got the impression this guy is in Redmond and doesn't use much of anything that isn't built by Miserysoft. I guess he has Onecare with Defender and MS barely WORKS and little else in his little arsenal of WOW wonders.
      • Hate to be the bearer of bad news but ....

        Microsoft is seldom out of court and they have a long, long list of lawyers, law firms and advocates knocking on Heaven's door to prove it. Microsoft has no legal problems in China but if they sold us their products at those prices, they wouldn't be able to afford legal conflicts everywhere else.
    • Glad your so mature....

      NOT - haven't had problem with Vista, works great. Sorry your were given Rasberry's, my experience has been great! You may leave now.
      • Tell us what it works with and I might bite

        Telling us you never had a problem with Vista doesn't exactly lead anyone to believe you won't. If you are using Vista with little or nothing else aside from a few limited amount of programs and software, I could envision it as an honest statement. If you do anything with anything that matters in a way that you want it to, then I'd be quick to tell you I have more than a few doubts as to it being the gospel. Sorry but for most users, your experience is not one and the same as many have had a few issues which still need fixing. Now if you're up for it, tell us all that it's a perfect OS and there won't be anymore fixes coming to cure the, too numerous to count, problems Vista still has.
    • How Many Affected?

      All I can say is that I've been using Vista since November when it was released, and haven't experienced these issues. I've no doubt that they're real, but can't help but think that the number of people they affect is generally limited. I've got Vista on a home-built desktop, a laptop, and a desktop at work--all three very different machines. All three have performed fine with Vista.