Hotmail + Windows Live Mail = Windows Live Hotmail

Hotmail + Windows Live Mail = Windows Live Hotmail

Summary: Just when you were getting used to Microsoft's new "Windows Live Mail" branding, Microsoft goes back to Hotmail.

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Just when you were getting used to Microsoft's new "Windows Live Mail" branding, Microsoft goes back to Hotmail.

As of February 8, according to the Windows Live Mail blog, Windows Live Mail is now officially known as "Windows Live Hotmail." And MSN Hotmail also is about to get rebranded as "Windows Live Hotmail."

Once the final Windows Live Hotmail service goes "live" (sometime in the next few weeks, it sounds like), all Windows Live Mail and MSN Hotmail users will be on the same page and using the same back-end infrastructure -- the infrastructure that current Windows Live Mail beta testers have been on for a while now.

While I've ranted plenty about the Windows Live team's total branding ineptitude, I agree with Windows Live Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Brandon LeBlanc. I think this change makes sense. Hotmail is a known brand. Why mess with it?

As an MSN Hotmail hold-out, I'm just hoping that the transition to Windows Live Hotmail goes a lot more smoothly than did the one to Windows Live Spaces last year.

Topic: Windows


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  • Thanks Mary Jo

    More fodder for the Mac Zombies to jump on. Somehow, they'll construe this as yet another reason to not buy Vista.

    Good article though!!
    • plato once said

      something about wisemen and fools.
    • So, you've migrated to Vista?

      Tell us about it? Was your experience good/bad, rough/smooth, wonderful/horrendous? Inquiring blog readers wanna know....
      • So far So Good

        All drivers installed during setup and all of my programs have run well so far: Peachtree Accounting, Office Pro 2003, Adobe Pro, CrapCleaner, etc..

        I did a clean install of Ultimate and first windows startup was 40 minutes into install, full system setup (timezone, naming computer, etc) was completed in less than an hour after I put the DVD in the drive. Cool thing was that the install did not require booting from DVD and I never lost my broadband connection through the entire process.

        As a gamer, I more than met the minimum system requirements. (you think having enough power for Vista is bad, try directx 10).
        • LOL...

          Do you really have a program called CrapCleaner? I could use that. It would clean my hard drive, my car, and my apartment. :-)
        • Peachtree accounting?? LOL!

          You mean Sage/Best has not yet convinced you to move to MAS200 or MAS500 yet? What a hold out you are!!! You do realize soon you will no longer receive support for that 'quick books' type of product don't you? You are wasting you money. Might as well move to Quick Books if you don't do any REAL accounting for your business! LOL!
          • OK, I'm no accountant but

            I have installed and/or upgraded both Peachtree and QuickBooks for clients and I must agree that, at least from my perspective, the are both crap. However, I definitely wouldn't lump them into the same pile of crap. Peachtree stinks much much worse.
          • Support??

            Why would I need support for a program as simple as Peachtree? I've never called product support for a software product in my life. Awhile back, most software companies started putting these new things called "help" in their programs.

            I have a four person office, why on earth would I need to pay more for a simple accounting program?

            I bet you snobs run Macs as well, right?
    • i am a student

      i am a studnet and i see your live mail and i feel much happiness because someones are gain the knowledge of communication.
  • Disrupting the apple cart

    I just wish Microsoft would stop screwing around with their Hotmail service formula. Seems every time you get used to the feel and look of it, they feel the need to change it. What does it require to provide a simple and free e mail client but a neat and tidy layout? Why the constant push to add more bells and whistles that few subscribers care for or even need? That's what more sophisticated, full featured POP3 accounts are for. Or the higher tier, paid-for accounts Hotmail offers.

    • "What does it require to provide a simple and free e mail client"

      Try GMail from Google! Unless you are a Microsoft Only type of person (which would mean you like to be tied to a single vendor...very dangerous!).
  • A smooth transition....

    Maybe it'll go as "smoothly" as the Microsloth Office Live migration. :-)
  • IF Hotmail="Spam Magnet" THEN "Live Hotmail"= ?

    Live spam? Spam that actually lives in my inbox???

    I used have a Hotmail account, but abandoned it because of the constant flood of spam (50 per day!!!???). I don't know what I did to become such a target, since I didn't even use it for anything outside job searching. Worse yet, their "spam filter" did not filter anything, like M$ didn't want to stop it. I kept seeing the same sh[patch] day in, day out.

    This "name change" is nothing more than lipstick on a pig.
    Mr. Roboto
  • Guess what???

    I use hotmail as my junk-mail address! Might as well use MS resources for the C.R.A.P. that I receive! Better than bogging down my real email servers! LOL!
  • Crap Cleaner at File Hippo

    Yes indeed, I've been using it for years. It's just a simple tool for cleaning internet and other history clutter.

    It will basically do most of what Webroot's "Windows Washer" product does, but for free. It's been featured on File Hippo for years.
  • Window Live Mail Needs...

    Windows Live Mail needs to rid itself of what they currently display as a hyperlink insert box, when copying and pasting hyperlinks were so much easier, don't you think? Viewing contacts at the same time(also popularized in a previous hotmail version), you could compose an e-mail that would be more efficient, than typing in single letters to see whose on your contact list as you scroll your way through the alphabet, or veer away from the page and lose all of your typed information. These are issues I've currently addressed and yet no reply from customer service. Hopefully the final version will resolve these problematic developments. There aren't any other complaints against Windows Live Mail likewise currently. What was old should be used again.
  • Hotmail is blocking thousands of email servers

    micro$oft windows live hotmail is blocking thousands of email servers since 6th august, you may do a history about this, cause they are dominant in the internet world, now blocking email servers they are making loose money to thousands of hosting company, cause nobody can deliver email message to hotmail.

    the error message that we receive from hotmail servers are:

    ... while talking to
    >>> DATA
    <<< 550 Your e-mail was rejected for policy reasons on this gateway. Reasons for rejection may be related to content with spam-like characteristics or IP/domain reputation problems. If you are not an e-mail/network admin please contact your E-mail/Internet Service Provider for help. For e-mail delivery information, please go to
    554 5.0.0 Service unavailable

    and the solution that micro$oft give us is to buy a certificate of trust that their partners sell, so they are doing monopolistic activities.

    i suggest you make a history about that
  • Quest Hotmail

    I recently switched from Juno to Quest E-mail through MSN.
    Since then I have been having trouble receiving E-mails.
    I need to know where to set the Spam filters in the program.
    I am trying to change my E-mail address on E-bay to my new
    address, but so far No Luck. I don't get a confirmation from
    E-bay when I try to make the change. Thank You