IE 8 looking like a November release

IE 8 looking like a November release

Summary: According to one well-placed tipster, who requested anonymity, the current plan is for Microsoft to make IE 8 Beta 2 available for download from its Web site on Thursday, August 28. And it sounds like the final release of IE 8 is slated for November.

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Seems like all you have to do is mention "porn," and the Internet Explorer (IE) 8 tipsters crawl out of the woodwork. (Just kidding... Sort of....)

IE 8 looking like a November releaseI noted yesterday that Microsoft only had 11 more days within which to deliver the more customer-focused IE 8 Beta 2 if it were to hit its August deadline. According to one well-placed tipster, who requested anonymity, the current plan is for Microsoft to make IE 8 Beta 2 available for download from its Web site by August 28. And the final version is tracking for a November release, the tipster added.

Microsoft is expected to provide some previously undisclosed new features as part of the upcoming beta release, including some kind of new private-browsing (a k a "porn mode") functionality.

(To be clear: Microsoft isn't confirming it will have the same kind of "private browsing" functionality that Safari already offers, and some are speculating that all Redmond will end up doing is identifying which sites are porn sites, which won't be very useful to those who are hoping IE 8 will help them cover up their online tracks. )

Microsoft is expected to make the Beta 2 build available to anyone who wants it. The Beta 2 build is the successor to the more developer-focused IE 8 Beta 1, which Microsoft also made available to any interested parties, on March 5. I'm hearing that folks who already have IE 8 Beta 1 installed will get Beta 2 via Automatic Updates.

Over the summer, execs said Microsoft was on track to deliver the final IE 8 bits before the end of 2008, but offered no further particulars.

When it ships, IE 8 will work on Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 systems only. IE 8 will be Microsoft's most standards-compliant release of its browser to date, the company has said. Because it is undoing a lot of the non-standards-based coding it had done in previous IE releases, it's not known yet how many existing sites and apps won't render correctly with IE 8. But Microsoft has been trying to get the word out to developers to check for compatibility before the final IE 8 release goes live.

The IE 8 team, for its part, isn't talking publicly yet about ship targets and due dates, which isn't too surprising when you remember that the IE team is part of the Windows client organization. The official comment on delivery dates, delivered via an IE spokesperson:

"We've said beta 2 would be in August and the next IE would come within 2 years of the last IE (which shipped with Vista, Jan 30, 07)."

What new features and functionality are you hoping to see in IE 8 Beta 2?

Topics: Browser, Microsoft


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  • IE 8 looking like a November release

    I'm not sure why anyone would want to keep their browsing private aka. porn mode. Not me, when I look at porn I want it to be public. If I find something funny I like to share it with the rest of the world.
    Loverock Davidson
    • So which one are you?

      Beavis or Butthead?

      But seriously, I think this will be more of a factor in public places, like coffee shop or hotel browsing/e-mail kiosks. And not so much for porn, but for legitimately private data. This would be a welcome feature for that.
      Michael Kelly
  • Eh whatever....

    Just get it right.
    Michael Kelly
  • Funny, MS was saying for years that customers were NOT asking for new

    new features in a browser. They told us that IE6 was everything that was needed. What changed?
    • Reality set in

      They never seem to learn that software never remains static.
      Michael Kelly
    • What changed?

    • The ghost of Netscape past, aka Firefox.

      The ghost of Netscape past, aka Firefox. All of the sudden, they have competition, and it became a credible threat. Their former nemesis opened up their source code, and a phoenix arose from the ashes, becoming Firefox and thanks to a full size ad in a major newspaper and a huge marketing push, became a fast growing threat that ate up a larger percentage of their market share than any other alternative browser.

      Basically, their monopoly was broken. They had to do something or risk losing more market share.
  • All hail the almost standards compliant IE

    I doubt they could do worse, but then I have been surprised by the hive before... ;-)

    So soon all the IE7 sites will be seen for what they really are, bollocks. Cheers!
  • 64-bit version !

    They finally did a 64-bit version (IE8), now lets see that dawdler Adobe giving us a 64-bit Flash player. >.>
    • nsplugin wrapper

      Firefox 3 (for Linux, FreeBSD, etc) 64-bit can use 32 bit plug-ins thanks to nsplugin wrapper. I have no trouble using Flash or Acrobat Reader plug-ins with 64-bit Firefox 3.0.1 and Ubuntu 8.04 AMD64.

      If Adobe doesn't get it done, maybe there's someone at Redmond who can parallel this solution for MS users.
  • RE: IE 8 looking like a November release

    Uh, firefox 3.0.
  • RE: IE 8 looking like a November release

    I don't use IE in any way, shape or form. Why bother with prompts, questions and Actixe X controls, WGA etc etc
  • RE: IE 8 looking like a November release

    I hope IE8 lacks the security of IE7 which has caused it to have a lot of problems. Microsoft needs to let third party software handles these security issues and try to make IE8 more like the Firefox concept. It is fast with lots of logical features. Too many hidden devils in IE7
    • Never Happen

      Yaeh, and then everyone can complain that IE is not secure because they don't check 3rd party apps.
  • RE: IE 8 looking like a November release

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