Microsoft: 1 million Windows 8 Consumer Preview downloads in day one

Microsoft: 1 million Windows 8 Consumer Preview downloads in day one

Summary: Windows 8 Consumer Preview was downloaded a million times in its first day of availability.


Microsoft officials said there have been more than 1 million downloads of the Windows 8 Consumer Preview a day after the company released the code to the public.

The Softies announced the numbers via a tweet from the Building Windows 8 account on March 1.

Microsoft released the Consumer Preview (a k a the one and only beta) on February 29 around 9:30 a.m. ET. Anyone can download the Preview bits from the Microsoft site. Microsoft has shared hardware guidelines for those wondering if their existing PCs will run the Preview build.

One of my twitter chums (@fmartin_garcia) provided a couple of related links today that might be of use to those interested in Windows 8 test builds. He posted a link to the  34-page Windows 8 Consumer Preview guide. And here's where you can get the Windows Embedded Standard 8 Community Technology Preview (CTP) build (via Microsoft's Connect site).

Finally, if you're one of those already missing the familiar WIndows Start button in your Windows 8 Consumer Preview, Stardock's already got an app for that....

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  • Microsoft: 1 million Windows 8 Consumer Preview downloads in day one

    1 million downloads sounds like anything but a flop or DOA to me. Glad I never made such claims. And that is just the preview, imagine how many copies will be sold and downloaded when its released.
    Loverock Davidson-
    • It's a FREE DOWNLOAD

      Gee, what part of that do you not understand?

      If it was $5 per you'd have seen less.
    • I am part of that million.

      And mine is gone already, installation and ISO. A complete waste of time. The tiles remind me of Geoworks.
      • how much money M$ got?

        0 (zero). I call it a flop!
        LlNUX Geek
    • How many downloads when it's released?

      Good question. Is M$ likely to go 'Download Also' or just 'Buy on DVD only'? I have not heard. If M$ continued to support XP I am willing to bet there would be almost no sales. What is wrong with Windows 7 that it has to be replaced so quickly?
    • If it bleeds it leads...

      This is an old saying in the news business and I'm afraid it is going to hold true for Windows 8. People have heard stories about how hideous Windows 8 is and need to see for themselves. Doubt these downloads will translate into purchases. The majority of Windows 8 users will be people who buy a new system after its launched and have no choice because its pre-installed.
  • 999,900 asking the same question

    What is this garbage I just installed on my system?
    • I wondered that when I downloaded Lion

      Sent from my Mac running Snow Leopard again.
      • Was that supposed to be funny?

        Oh wait..haha
  • What to expect

    The marketing people at MS will be in a massive panic. Over one million is a big number but well down on the windows 7 figures for the public bata and way below the level of interest they need to get a marketing buzz.

    By making a big change in the interface they also risk the chance of people switching to another option in this post PC world where a smartphone or a tablet may be a more important "must have" upgrade.
    • There ain't no post PC world

      It's just a world where desktops and laptops are <b>not</b> your only computing choices.
    • Someone please bury the term Post-PC in an unmarked grave

      It stands for personal computer and it doesn't matter if that's your phone, tablet, desktop or games console.

      Way back when most of your DNA was yet to be combined, we had all sorts of UIs. DOS gave us many and varied and the Apple Lisa was showing how not to do it. One thing saved us - Windows. It gave us a standard UI and most of the world uses it.

      Currently I have a phone, an Xbox, the latest Win 8 preview which will be soon on my convertible laptop/tablet as well as my desktop and later in the year I may purchase a tablet. All of these will be using the same UI. Tiles are also called the same - Mail, Calendar, Pictures etc and they are both dynamic and hubs.

      By the end of the year, I'll be able to move seamlessly between all my devices (PCs) and when Kinect hardware gets integrated, the same UI will support it.

      Yes it really is one OS to rule them all and if you can't see it now then wait a year and it will be obvious ;-)
    • Panic!

      Are you kidding?
      Windows 7 pre-releases had a combined 8 million downloads, from the first beta to RTM, Windows Developer Preview alone had more than 3 million and Windows 8 CP has gone over 1 million in a day.

      If it keeps up, Windows 8 will overtake Windows 7 this next sunday, and there's still a long time before RTM.
    • Post PC?

      I agree. This is the first Post-Steve Jobs OS.
      Major Plonquer
  • Use it without the start button for a while

    I suggest one give oneself a couple of hours to get used to the lack of a start button. If you use the available replacement (or the upcoming 100 other replacements) you will lack training for Startlessness and that will hurt when you use a different machine.
    John Baxter
    • Of course!

      Dogs need to be trained.
      • And this old dog needs to be put down.

        Windows 8 needs to be euthanized for both our sake and to save itself from embarrassment.
  • Come and Gone

    My install did not survive the installation of real video drivers. There was a whiff of vista in the air.
  • W8 cp worse than W8 dp

    It's worse than the DP!
    It's a pity we can't return it for a refund. ;)
    • How?

      care to elaborate?